Friday, January 11, 2013

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Christian Recovery Resources Available at

(as of January 10, 2013)


[The subjects mentioned here are the six major categories of quite different presentations on our Christian Recovery website.]


The materials cover our radio show and feature the interviews of Christian recovery leaders, workers, newcomers, and concerned public who have worked with and/or supported our Christian Recovery and A.A. History outreach over the past 23 years.


“Christian Recovery Radio with Dick B.” show archive:



The materials in the “Stick with the Winners” video class are especially important to those who want to pursue their own Christian or other religious beliefs without being intimidated, or barred, or ridiculed. This class, and the book by the same name, show why any 12 Step person can use A.A.’s own conference-approved


The “Stick with the Winners!” video class by Dick B. and Ken B.:



The “Introductory Foundations for Christian Recovery” video class by Dick B. and Ken B.:



Free Dick B. videos:



Free Dick B. audios:



Free Russell S. Talks audios:, 808 874 4876


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