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Christian Recovery Radio Interview of Brian Hughes Jan 8

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Brian Hughes on the January 8, 2013, episode of the "Christian Recovery Radio with Dick B." show

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Introduction to Interview

Today's Christian Recovery Radio Interview guest is Brian Hughes of Florida. Through his Recovery Bible Study work, Brian has been a supporter and help in our Christian Recovery Movement for a number of years. He is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and now very much involved in the forthcoming February 8-9 CROSSFlorida Christian recovery conference in Miami.

Brian will bless us with some of the following information that can be helpful to our listeners: (1) His own family ties, educational and religious background, his business and vocational background and efforts, career. and a bit about his alcoholism and addiction experiences. (2) His specialty relating to social media. (3) The website and mission of Recovery Bible Study in Florida and its activities.. (4) His connection with, role in, and the growing enthusiasm for the upcoming CROSSFlorida.org conference.in Miami, and (5) the growth and Florida support for the Christian Recovery Movement, and the roles of Dick B. and Ken B. in that through International Christian Recovery Coalition (www.ChristianRecoveryCoalition.com).

We are particularly delighted to have Brian talk with us today because Christian recovery outreach in Florida is really hot at this time from our standpoint. Attorney Russell Spatz has traveled from Miami to two of our Christian Recovery leadership conferences in California and spoken of his part in Christian recovery. His talks on recovery, Jesus Christ, the Bible, the Steps, and the Big Book are posted on our Christian Recovery Radio website. And Brian's supportive role, and that of several of the conference speakers are something our Florida followers are eagerly awaiting.

Take it away Brian

Synopsis of Brian’s Major Points

Brian has had a potful of alcoholism and addiction in his family. Difficulties with losing touch with his father at age one. Family divorces, moving from place to place, and then a step-father who went the full route in the Navy, including rehab and A.A.

But then things took a turn for the better as Brian turned to God. Brian had been raised a Roman Catholic, but he had decided to stop going to church. The good news is that his mom as a supportive wife, his grandfather as AA with 22 years of sobriety, and his interim residence in Hawaii all contributed to the good influences.

Brian now has a wife and five children. He moved to Florida. He switched from NA to AA. He was influenced by some strong “Big Book Thumpers” and a strong sponsor whose grandsponsor was Bill W. And he received a strong introduction to the Big Book, the 12 Steps, and the importance of sponsoring others.

His next major, salutary influence was the solid introduction he received into Jesus,  the ministry, the Bible, the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit. He acquired attorney Russell Spatz as his sponsor. And, Russell—as many know—was strong on the ministry, evangelism, and the Scriptures. He was a leader in Alive Again—a 12 Step Christian Fellowship.

And then—when Brian wanted more—he became aligned with a strong Wednesday meeting in Fort Lauderdale where there was more emphasis on the Bible, Christianity, and Jesus. The pastor moved after two years. But Brian was influenced by Jerry Sharp who helped engender a real revival (as Brian put it) in the First Christian Church at Fort Lauderdale. Large numbers began attending, got saved. The site is FirstChristianChurchFtLauderdale.org. It has an online meeting schedule of Christian-based recovery meetings. Brian then began  his connection with Recovery Bible Study at the Miami Mission; and it can be found on the internet.

We had time to point to the forthcoming CROSSFlorida.org conference on February 8-9. The emphasis will be on Jesus and the Holy Spirit in recovery. And there has been a real awakening, says Brian, to the emphasis that Ken and I have given to old school A.A., its program, its importance, and its successes. As Russell Spatz has put it: “Do the math.” This means that A.A. was founded in 1935—not 1939. It was patterned after First Century Christianity. It called itself a Christian Fellowship. Its program was based on the belief that the answers to their problem were in the Bible—and their emphasis on the Book of James, Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, and 1 Corinthians 13. As Dr. Bob put it, the basic ideas for Bill’s new program – the Twelve Steps – came from the studies and efforts in 1935 that began with the Bible. And Dr. Bob, of course, did not write the 12 Steps and had nothing to do with the writing of them, he said.

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