Thursday, January 24, 2013

A New Way In: Try this book if someone is urging you to leave AA

A New Way In

Reaching the Heart of a Child of God in Recovery with His Own, Powerful Historical Roots


By Dick B.


A unique emphasis on tuning the Christian newcomer in toward those roots, principles, and practices which were part and parcel of the original A. A. Christian Fellowship Program in Akron . This to the end that the newcomer and even the old timer Christians will feel comfortable and challenged staying IN the A.A. fellowship, remaining solid in their own religious convictions, buttressed by the knowledge of what the pioneers did with such great success, and simply refusing to be intimidated or persuaded by the idolatry, spirituality, and weird “higher power” chatter abounding in today’s recovery movement. The old-time evangelists like Bill y Sunday and Dwight Moody contended: “The saved should say so.” Similarly, the saved in today’s A.A. Fellowship should stand unfettered by those who intolerantly reject this or that religious belief and argue for a godless unbelieving fellowship. If they want to say so, they need not feel they are violating any rule or tradition or principle; they are simply describing their own salvation and believing.


Paradise Research Publications, Inc.; 96 pp.; 6 x 9; perfect bound; 2006; $19.95; ISBN 1-885803-88-5




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