Wednesday, January 09, 2013 Make Tuesday a Regular Visit with Dick B. and AA History there

For several years, has been broadcasting "A.A. History with Dick B." The show takes place on Tuesdays and runs the entire week. It is archived so you can listen and learn at  your own pace and convenience.

The show is widely followed. Not long ago an AA Bible study group in Dubai phoned Dick B. in Maui to tell him they were listening as a group to his Tuesday talk on

On this show, includes books, articles, talks, research, events, and projects in progress due to the work of A.A. Historian, Writer, Retired attorney, Bible student, CDAAC, and active recovered AA member Dick B. with 26 continuous years of sobriety and active A.A. work with others.

Now that Christian Recovery Radio is up, running, and popular, it features regular interviews of Christian recovery leaders, workers, newcomers, and concerned public members that Dick has met over the  23 years of his travels, talks, conferences, seminars, and communications. You hear regularly from dedicated servants of God and the Lord Jesus Christ and  how they serve and glorify by carrying the message of what God can and does do for those alcoholics and addicts who need His help, want His help, and go to any lengths to seek it and apply it.

Spend a few moments looking at, and listening to the many features on Christian Recovery ( Chances are that you  will become a regular, a servant, and someone fully equipped to carry a winning message to the person who still suffers.

Congratulations to producer Monty Meyer in Albany, Oregon who has worked long and hard to make the success it is today. A success that now includes oodles of celebrities whose names  you will recognize and whose appearances  you will want to see and hear.

In His Service, Dick B.

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