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David Roman of Roman Cucina Restaurants in Orange County CA Radio Interview

Dick B. interviews Christian businessman David Roman on the January 24, 2013, episode of the "Christian Recovery Radio with Dick B." show




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This is one of the most dynamic and personable interviews of a Christian Recovery leader and worker that we have conducted for quite some time.


The speaker is a highly successful restaurant proprietor in Orange County, California with four restaurants---all named “Roman Cucina.” He is up to his ears managing his restaurants. But ever since we have known him in 2009, he has also been up to his ears in spreading the word to his family, employees, church friends, and recovery fellowship contacts about the importance of highlighting the need for the Great Physician Jesus Christ in the recovery scene today. You will be amazed at his understanding of how and why he took a special interest in distributing books free, in witnessing to all sorts of people, in free catering of Christian Recovery Conferences, and now in establishing in Costa Mesa a much-needed unique Christian Sober Living Home, called “Freedom House.”




Our guest is David Roman, a remarkable, young, married Christian man with a lovely, supportive wife, and a healthy child. David has fully recovered and is the proprietor of four restaurants in Orange County, California--all with the name: Roman Cucina. And we first met David when he attended a small conference in San Juan Capistrano, came up to me after the talk, said he was a Christian, and said that he wanted to learn how to sponsor people. But that was only a beginning.

Before long, David began distributing free my A.A. history and Christian Recovery books to his family, employees, church friends, and recovery fellowship contacts. He catered free of charge large Christian Recovery Conferences we held in His Place Church, and was working with others in the International Christian Recovery Coalition to bring Jesus Christ back into the recovery picture and help others learn what God could do for them if they sought His help today. He took a special interest in the three segments of the Bible early AAs considered absolutely essential--Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, the Book of James, and 1 Corinthians 13. And he freely distributed our most popular book, The Good Book and The Big Book: A.A.'s Roots in the Bible. David got to know, network with, collaborate with, and work with many Christian recovery leaders in his area and church.

Not long ago, he announced to Ken and me that he wanted to set up a new type of Christian Sober Living Home. It is called Freedom House. He placed in charge of the home his and our friend Danny Simmons--a devoted, recovered Christian who lives in Costa Mesa. It is under the supervision of Dr. Robert Tucker, founder and president of New Life Spirit Recovery, Inc., in Huntington Beach. Dr. Tucker is also President of the Association of Christian Alcohol and Drug Counselors, trains Christian counselors, conducts a Christian treatment program in Huntington Beach, and is very active in church life.

David will tell you about his life, plans, family, and goals.


Synopsis of Interview High Points


David and his community have been greatly concerned over the heroin problem in their area.  Particularly since many of the addicts get exposed to the notion: “I can make up my own god.” Then they come to realize that this kind of thinking has much to do with what got them there on the dangerous and deadly path.

This young, recovered, Christian businessman has been quick to state that if you take Jesus Christ and the Bible out of Alcoholics Anonymous, it is the Satanic element that is left. What is needed is to fill the suffering mind with clean, Christian rescue homes, with Christian family living, elimination of the environment of habitual sin, with a spiritual emphasis, and an atmosphere that moves the residents from hopeless to hope in viewpoint. The recovery elements are: (1) Repentence. (2) Resisting Satan. (3) Utilizing the power that comes from accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.


“Recover Our Freedom” espouses this theme that it can be done as to drugs and alcohol through acceptance of Jesus Christ. Put the 12 Steps and Jesus Christ together, and many are going to recover. Use the 12 Steps minus Jesus Christ and only a secular home remains, leaving not the best environment.


A few words about Freedom House in Costa Mesa. There is Bible study three times a week, and a program of daily reliance on the Bible. There is a website “Setting Captives Free” online. The residents stay busy in their churches and jobs and maintain a true Christian brotherhood.


Freedom House sees a progression from the earliest days of sobriety to a “desert  experience” – days where the residents can feed on God’s Word to achieve victories in the bigger battles occurring in the path of sanctification. David emphasizes our book The Good Book and the Big Book: A.A.’s Roots in the Bible [ ]. He calls it the shortest Bible commentary ever written when it comes to recovery and victory.


Be sure to listen to the entire interchange involving the interview host Ken B., Dick B. the interviewer, and David Roman, the guest.














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