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The 4 Part Audio (Station on Bill's religious training, Christian activities, and conversion

Did you know that, thanks to Monty Meyer, and Take 12 in Albany, Oregon, you can not only tune in every Tuesday, but also go to the archives of that show and hear audio tapes of Dick B. on so much of A.A. history.

We want to call your attention now to Dick B.'s book The Conversion of Bill W., And to the four radio shows by that name where you can hear Dick B. review this recent important A.A. history radio presentation; and also hear in the course of these four shows material about Bill Wilson's religious life, which includes the following key points:

1. Bill's grandfather Willie Wilson, a founder of the East Dorset Congregational Church in Vermont, had a bad drinking problem, went to the top of nearby Mount Aeolus, cried out to God for deliverance, was saved, was cured of alcoholism and never drank again for the remaining 8 years of his life.

2. Bill's grandparents on both sides (the Griffiths and the Wilsons) were regular attenders at the East Dorset Congregational Church which was located in between the homes of these two sets of grandparents. Bill went to the Sunday school there, attended temperance meetings, attended revivals, atttended conversion meetings, partook of the church's convenant and creed, heard its sermons and hymns, and listened to Scripture reading. He also studied the Bible with his grandfather Griffith and his friend Mark Whalon.

3. Bill then became enrolled in the nearby Burr and Burton Seminary in Manchester, Vermont, and almost graduated from this four year institution. While there, Bill took a required 4 year Bible study course. He was president of the Burr and Burton Seminary Young Men's Christian Association. He attended daily chapel, heard Scripture read, Sermons delivered, prayers uttered, and hymns sung. Moreover, Seminary students frequently were  required to attend church events at the nearby Manchester Congregational Church. But when Bill's girl friend Bertha died unexpectedly, Bill dived into one of his many depressions, blamed the death on God, and turned away from God during almost all of the ensuing years before A.A.--most of which were heavy drinking years.

4. Bill's friend Ebby Thacher had been raised in a devout Christian family, attended Burr and Burton Seminary and all its activities with Bill, and lived with the pastor of the Manchester Congregational Church while attending.

Remember, there are four audios and the entire content of The Conversion of Bill W. So  there is much to hear about Bill's Christian upbringing, Christian youth, and regular study of the Bible and attendance at Congregational religious services from earliest days until Bertha's death just before Burr's graduation time.

Don't miss this opportunity to hear the Bill Wilson story--presented live--with details you have neither heard nor seen, but which have now been documented by A.A. historian Dick b. and his son Rev. Ken B.

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