Monday, May 09, 2011

Worldwide Status of International Christian Recovery Coalition

The growth in the number of persons and locations now participating in the fellowship of the International Christian Recovery Coalition is heartwarming.

Day after day the states of the United States where participants are located, and often the many cities in those states, have grown to the point that all but 7 of the United States have one or more participants. Some states have many participants.

The growth of participants in other countries has not been our immediate focus, with all of our efforts having been directed at distribution of 14,000 new books free, establishing what are now 28 Christian Recovery Resource Centers worldwide, and contacting many of our regular communicants inviting them to join the coalition.

But now the number of countries, other than the US, where participants are located and have listed themselves is 14 with a couple of more poised to link up.

Dick B. Executive Director.

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