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Preview Briefs on Dick B. YouTube First Eleven Programs

Preview Briefs on the First Eleven Dick B. YouTube Programs

Dick B.
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The following brief announcements will be found at the close, respectively, of each of the first eleven programs Dick B. will present on the dickbchannel. The programs, of course, cover A.A. History and the Christian Recovery Movement. These brief announcements have been put in script form, published in audio form, and forwarded to production for inclusion in the programs. The announcements also direct that, at the end of each program, a few designated, relevant books will be displayed on the screen channel.

[Add at the end of Video One:] This first video has briefly introduced you to a number of videos to follow that will lay out for you the history of Alcoholics Anonymous and of the Christian Recovery Movement. And, to highlight the major resources involved in studying these topics, I am displaying two books. The first book is the Holy Bible—from which, according to A.A. cofounder Dr. Bob, came the basic ideas of the Twelve Steps. The second book is the first edition of Alcoholics Anonymous, (affectionately known within A.A. as “the Big Book”) with its “circus cover” dust jacket. As the first edition of the “basic text” of A.A., it illustrates where A.A. cofounder Bill W. changed course from the original Akron A.A. “Christian fellowship” program (which had the Bible as a major source) to the Oxford Group’s life-changing program set forth in the Big Book.

[Add at the end of Video Two:] This second video has been about the six major Christian influences on the origins and founding of early A.A. And since all these six influences were the wellsprings from which flowed the ideas used by A.A. cofounders Dr. Bob and Bill, I am displaying two books that exhaustively cover the influences and how they impacted on the co-founders. The first is “Dr. Bob of Alcoholics Anonymous: His Excellent Training in the Bible as a Youngster in Vermont.” The second is “The Conversion of Bill W.: More on the Creator’s Role in Alcoholics Anonymous.”

[Add at the end of Video Three:] This third video has been about “The Great Awakening of 1875 in St. Johnsbury, Vermont.” And we have assembled in one book, Dr. Bob of Alcoholics Anonymous, the wide variety of accounts of this amazing epoch which occurred in Dr. Bob’s home village. That is the book displayed here.

[Add at the end of Video Four:] This fourth video has been about the unique role of the YMCA lay brethren who catalyzed the changes in the Vermont scene and brought about “the Great Awakening of 1875 in St. Johnsbury.” To highlight these points, the first book displayed is The Conversion of Bill W. The second is Dr. Bob of Alcoholics Anonymous. The third is The Castle in the Pasture: Portrait of Burr and Burton Academy. And the fourth is The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide.

[Add at the end of Video Five:] This fifth video has been about the role of the great Christian Evangelists who brought about conversions to God through Jesus Christ in New England and elsewhere, attracted thousands to the Bible and salvation, and in many cases healed drunks. We display here the books: The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide; Roger Bruns, Preacher: Billy Sunday and Big Time American Evangelism; and Roger Towns and Douglas Porter, The Ten Greatest Revivals Ever.

[Add at the end of Video Six] This sixth video has been about the enormous successes of the Gospel Rescue Missions, particularly as seen in Jerry McAuley’s Water Street Mission, the work of S.H. Hadley at Water Street, and the conversions of Ebby Thacher (Bill W.'s “sponsor”) and of Bill W. at Calvary Mission. The books we display here are Samuel H. Hadley’s book, Down in Water Street; J. Wilbur Chapman’s book, S.H. Hadley of Water Street; and my book The Conversion of Bill W.

[Add at the end of Video Seven:] This seventh video has been about that great example of personal work with derelicts and drunks, the Salvation Army. And we display three books: my title, The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide; Harold Begbie’s Twice Born Men; and Howard Clinebell’s book, Understanding and Counseling Persons with Alcohol, Drug, and Behavioral Addictions.

[Add at the end of Video Eight:] This eighth video has been about the very special impact of the Young People’s Society of Christian Endeavor on the original Akron A.A. “Christian fellowship” program. The books we display are three of my own: The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide; The James Club and the Original A.A. Program’s Absolute Essentials; and Dr. Bob and His Library.

[Add at the end of Video Nine:] This ninth video has been about how the cluttered explanations of A.A.’s alleged roots contrast with the actual six Christian sources we have covered. And we display four of my titles which will lay out the details for you. The first is The James Club and the Original A.A. Program’s Absolute Essentials. The second is When Early AAs Were Cured and Why. The third is The Oxford Group & Alcoholics Anonymous. And the fourth is New Light on Alcoholism: God, Sam Shoemaker, and A.A.

[Add at the end of Video Ten:] Video Ten has been about the plight of the “seemingly-hopeless” alcoholic or addict as he or she enters recovery today. Today’s A.A. says he or she is “powerless.” Early AAs often used the expression, “I was licked. Alcohol had become my master.” At the close of this video, I am displaying two of my titles which point out that the newcomer is neither licked nor without a solution. The first is my book, A New Way Out. The second is my book, Cured! Proven Help for Alcoholics and Addicts. Both are about the way to God’s power.

[Add at the end of Video Eleven:] Video Eleven has been about the solution to which early AAs turned for help. That solution was God. And I am displaying three books which highlight that solution. The first is the Holy Bible. The second is my book, God and Alcoholism. The third is a book Dr. Bob owned, Healing in Jesus Name, by Ethel Willitts.

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