Saturday, May 07, 2011

Report on Thank You's and Questions about the 14,000 free book distributions

Messages of Thanks for Free Books and of Inquiry About Details

We just received the following message (and we sent the following reply)about the two cases of free books for which the recipient sent us $30.00 per case and received two cases. He then received a third gratuitous case a while later and asked if he needed to send an additional $30. So we explained to him and explain to our readers what has been transpiring in the free book distributions over the more than three months of processing. Enjoy:

"T....: What a joy to receive a letter like yours. We have now sent out almost all of our 14,000 new books in almost all of the 350 cases. And When we were well along in the process (a three month endeavor which involved hiring 5 strong young men to do the lifting out of storage, the lifting into rented trucks and the lifting out of rented trucks at two different post offices), we still had many cases for which no $30. had been asked for or received. I therefore decided to send to a lot of faithful Christian warriors like you a good many cases at our own total expense.
We did not ask. We just sent. And except for three or four impatient Alkies who are still awaiting the slow boat from Maui, almost every one of the dozens of recipients has sent a nice thank you note like yours and reported that they Are distributing the books in their area and that the results are good.
And that is exactly what we had hoped for. Your additional case is free.
We love you. And keep being an ambassador for Christ without sending $30.00

God bless,

Dick B.
Original Message-----
From: T....
Sent: Saturday, May 07, 2011 1:19 PM
To: Ken at condo; Dick B.
Subject: 3rd Case of $30.00 books

Ken, Dick
Aloha and Gods Great Blessings to You Both.
I received a 3rd case of books, "New Light on Alcoholism". I had only sent you two different Money Orders for $30.00.
Should I send along another $30.00?
The local response to your books has been very positive and a great way to witness Christ to AA's that are still chasing a "higher power".... "The Power of God" Book has especially started some great conversations.
Let me know if I need to send along another $30.00 Thanks for all you do Dick B.
I Thank God every day that I found you online.
Praise Our Lord Jesus!

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