Saturday, May 28, 2011

AA-"dickbchannel" You Tube 1st Program Now Available

AA History-Christian Recovery - Commencing Now the Dick B. YouTube Channel Presentation Series

Video Name: Dick B. 01ws AA History & Christian Recovery: Introduction

URL address:

Tune in now if you like!

This is the first and introductory program by Dick B. on his YouTube Channel: dickbchannel. The foregoing name and URL address should enable you to hone in on this important introductory program that summarizes what our series will cover.

I have been blessed to have my son Ken work tirelessly on getting this series started, and we have both been blessed to have Neal Pearson of Texas donate hours of his time getting the material ready for presentation and uploading.

The series will be extensive and the summaries will be exhaustive in their scope. It will cover 21 years of research and writing by Dick B. on Alcoholics Anonymous History and on the history of the Christian Recovery Movement.

Each program is designed to provide a viewer with a brief chunk of history, accompanied by pictures of appropriate, relevant books. And the material can be seen online, heard by groups and meetings, and studied by individuals.

Dick B.

Gloria Deo

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