Monday, May 02, 2011

Participants in International Christian Recovery Coalition Grow in Geographical Diversity

International Christian Recovery Coalition Diversity Grows

One of the most exciting things about the growth of the International Christian Recovery Movement is the geographical diversity of new participants joining us.

For example, in just the last three or four days, new participants came in as follows: (1) One from Sydney, Australia. (2) Husband and wife from Texas. (3) One from New Jersey. (5) One from the State of Washington. (6) The latest from Vermont.

Shortly we will reorganize the list of participants so that you can see the many countries and the many states of the US that have thrown in with this movement.

There is no charge for participation.

We ask only that potential members check the mission, project, plans, leadership, and participants as set forth on International Christian Recovery Coalition website

After that, to become a participant, you need only send a listing to; and the listing can be something like this:

"Dick B., Maui Christian Recovery Resource Center, Kihei, Hawaii"

You may also include your phone, email, URL if any, and street address.

That's all. And then you will have aligned yourself as a participant in this growing fellowship of those who support the dissemination of the role that God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible played in the origins, history, founding, original program, and successes of the Akron A.A. Christian Fellowship - and can and should play in the recovery movement today.

God Bless, Dick B., Executive Director, International Christian Recovery Coalition
Posted by Dick B. at 2:12 PM

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