Monday, May 16, 2011

Maui Christian Recovery Outreach Blessed by Recovered Christian Singers

It hasn't happened all at once. But Maui has seen some well-known recovered Christian singers doing Christian recovery outreach in this Valley Isle.

The first one I heard of was Walter Santos (Santos Ministries) of Carslbad, California. Walter contacted me years back to say he was in Oahu and would be in Maui "Singing for the King." Santos has been honored with the DooWap Hall of Fame. And he charges up audiences in prisons, in meetings, and in conferences (including ours) all over the United States. He has also been closely associated with the famous Calvary Ranch in Lakeside--a remarkable Christian recovery facility where Santos himself found healing years ago. Santos has delivered Christian music at a number of the conferences of participants in International Christian Recovery Coalition. He's still at it!

Next came Darrell Mansfield. This recovered Christian harmonica king has entertained widely for years. We met him first in Orange County thanks to an introduction by a leading radio and TV personality who is also a leading Christian Marriage and Family Counselor. The man is Dr. Bob Noonan. We learned that Darrell lives in Orange County and has been elevated to the Blues Hall of Fame. He absolutely wows audiences with his harmonica and combo people that support him. And not too long ago, he visited Maui and performed on a wonderful sunset cruise for a church group. He appeared at several other Maui entertainment spots. And always, he makes clear his love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

And just now, Dale Marsh of the Oroville Church of the Nazarene in California, leader of their Serenity Group and recovery work, phoned to tell us who is now on Maui. We will be having lunch with him tomorrow (May 17th). And he has a website, a Christian ministry, and a long history of bringing the love of God to the homeless and imprisoned as well as those suffering from alcoholism and addiction. His name is Kenny Munds. He has just brought his signing ministry to the imprisoned at Maui Correctional Center and will be serving other needs on Maui while he is here. Kenny Munds has a strong ministry in Arizona.

Bless these men. I strongly believe that the outreach to folks who are in prison, are homeless, are hospitalized, and are endeavoring to recover from alcoholism and addiction is much strengthened when these folks hear talented (and also famous)recovered Christian ministry singers who unselfishly travel widely to enable the suffering to say "I saw the light."

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