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Dr. Bob's Wife Anne, Her Journal, and 3 New Articles

Dr. Bob's Wife Anne, Her Journal, and 3 New Articles

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Several years ago, Dick B. published the third edition of Anne Smith's Journal 1933-1939: A.A.'s Principles of Success . (Kihei, HI: Paradise Research Publications, Inc., 1998.

This landmark title was written primarily to report and organize the tremendous amount of early A.A. material that Dr. Bob's wife, Anne Ripley Smith, gathered, reported, and taught to early AAs between 1933 and 1939. It dealt with the Bible, biblical verses, Christian books, Oxford Group literature, life-changing books, a virtual preparation for material that ultimately became Bill Wilson's Twelve Steps, and many practical suggestions for AAs, their families, and their kids.

The sad fact is that the original manuscript was stashed away at General Services Archives in New York and just never published or discussed in A.A.'s own literature. Finally, years later, I found out about the manuscript from Dr. Bob's daughter, Sue Smith Windows, forwarded to the Trustees Archives Committee a request for the manuscript, received it, and published the book which now is out in its third edition. All editions were heartily endorsed by Dr. Bob's two children--Sue Smith Windows and Robert R. Smith, as well as by author Mel B.

"Anne Smith's Journal" can still be seen described, as well as purchased, primarily from my own websites and from as well as other book purveyors.

Still, there has been a dearth of factual correctness and adequate understanding of A.A.'s Christian, biblical, and Step roots because almost all scholars, writers, and 12 Steppers themselves have never read Anne Smith's Journal. And this is to urge that they do.

Recently, to deal with erroneous statements about A.A. by some of its critics--atheists, psychologists, historians, religious, and AAs themselves--I wrote three contemporary articles on some major remarks by and contributions on A.A. subjects by Anne Smith. These can all be read on our blogs, are recommended here, and can be found on and

Here are the subjects covered:

1. Dr. Bob's Wife Anne, Her Journal, and the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

2. Dr. Bob's Wife Anne, Her Journal, and Jesus Christ.

3. Dr. Bob's Wife Anne, Her Journal, and the Language of Subsequent 12 Steps
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