Monday, May 02, 2011

Many Repudiations of A.A. "Conference Approved" Censors

Dear Lisa: Jesus said that we would always have the poor with us. And I regret to tell you that AAs will always have
bleeding deacons with us. These folks ignore the origins of A.A. They ignore the widespread reading of early AAs—
reading of the Bible, Christian devotionals, Oxford Group books, Shoemaker books, new thought books, Roman Catholic
Writings, and many others. See Dick B., Dr. Bob and His Library, 3rd ed ( See Anne Smith’s
Journal ( See DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers. See the AA of Akron pamphlets.
And then ask the censors if they are contending that the “Traditions” and “Conference Approved” shibboleths were
Intended to bar all the things that contributed to both the original Akron program and the contents of the Big Book
Published 4 years later.

There is a vicious, devilish, concerted self-righteous movement today to bar God, Jesus Christ, the Bible,
And mention of Christianity among the hundreds of thousands of Christians who today belong to the A.A. Fellowship.

The best answers for such censoring are: (1) Have you read Conference Approved literature that shows the wide
scope of the “helpful” books the Big Book actually recommended. (2) Have you learned the roles that Rev. Samuel M. Shoemaker,
Rev. Frank Buchman, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Father John Ford SJ, Father Dowling SJ, Sister Ignatia, Harry Emerson
Fosdick, and a host of other religious people played in A.A. long after the founding in 1935. (3) Are you aware that
Father Ed Dowling SJ, Rev. Sam Shoemaker, and the Roman Catholic Archbishop of LA were invited to address
And did address the A.A. International Conventions in 1955 and 1960. (4) Would you want to belong to a fellowship
Which allowed “trusted servants who do not govern” to suppress history, church, religion, God, Jesus Christ, and
The Bible from recovery, (5) Have you read how many times portions of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, 1 Corinthians
13, and the Book of James influenced early A.A. and Wilson’s Big Book. See Dick B., The James Club and the Original
A.A. Program’s Absolute Essentials

I would be glad to talk with you further by email or by phone. But I suggest it is time for those who advocate
Freedom of speech in America and in A.A. to tell the atheist propaganda team to go whistle. There is no
index of forbidden books in A.A. There is no central propaganda ministry. There are no laws or police
or governors. There are just drunks who want to get well – most by relying on Almighty God, and the
basic ideas from the Bible that caused the Big Book to speak of the Creator, Maker, Father, Heavenly
Father, Father of Lights, and Spirit.

God bless,

Dick B.
Author, 42 titles & over 500 articles on A.A. History
Exec. Dir., International Christian Recovery Coalition
Christian Recovery Resource Centers - Worldwide
(808) 874-4876
PO Box 837, Kihei, HI 96753-0837




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