Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Purported Anne Smith Journal Materials "Hindsfoot" Published

The following brief message was sent by me to the email address specified on Glenn Chesnut's "Hindsfoot" Website which has published two purported papers, said to be Anne Smith's Journal--one part typed, and one part handwritten. Of course, there is no such document; and by making the claims, Hindsfoot and the writer ignore the actual manuscript, ignore the fact that I procured it from A.A. General Services with permission of the Archivist and Trustees, and ignore the fact that one of the two purported documents has stamped on it: "From the Research Collection of Dick B." with my address.

Had I not just written extensively on what Anne Ripley Smith actually did write in her journal, and also on the book I published about it--"Anne Smith's Journal, 1933-1939"--I might not have noticed this misleading material.

Certainly the real Anne Ripley Smith papers are treasures, and here is what I wrote to the email address on Chesnut's site:

"Some day it would be interesting to learn where you obtained the two sets of papers which you denominate as Anne Smith’s Journal.

I note with some interest your inclusion of the stamp which says it came from the Research Collection of Dick B. with my address. However,
nobody asked my permission to print any of it, and the statements about who typed the “typed” portions are erroneous.

Moreover, your separating “typed” pages from “handwritten” pages does not correctly reflect the fact that Anne’s handwritten annotations can be found on many
of the typewritten pages.

I also note that you used the title of my book Anne Smith’s Journal, 1933-1939 without citation or attribution.

Will these erroneous situations be rectified, or is Chesnut unwilling to print the true document or the accurate facts about the papers, which I obtained from General Services Archives in New York with the permission of the Trustees. And that I compared them with the copy I found at Stepping Stones Archives. And that I compared the materials with Sue Smith Windows and later found some of the
missing pages and sent them to her before she died."

Purported "historical" "documents" are neither historical nor historical documents when they don't exist as portrayed. And Anne's writings are far too important to be handled incorrectly and inaccurately. See my book: Anne Smith's Journal 1933-1939 Also the articles I have recently posted on this blog site of mine about Anne, "the Mother of A.A." as Bill Wilson called her.

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