Monday, May 09, 2011

Dick B.'s 29 Vol. Christian Recovery Reference Set Discount Offer Today

The Importance of
the 29-Volume “Dick B. Christian Recovery Reference Set”


How You Can Acquire the Full 29-Volume Set at a Large Discount Right Now

First, here are the 29 volumes comprising “The Dick B. Christian Recovery Reference Set”:

A New Way In $19.95
A New Way Out $19.95
Anne Smith's Journal, 1933-1939 $22.95
By the Power of God $23.95 Cured!: Proven Help for Alcoholics and Addicts $23.95

Dr. Bob and His Library $22.95
Dr. Bob of Alcoholics Anonymous $24.95
GOD and Alcoholism $21.95
Good Morning! $22.95 Henrietta B. Seiberling: Ohio's Lady with a Cause $20.95

Introduction to the Sources and Founding of Alcoholics Anonymous $22.95
Making Known the Biblical History and Roots of Alcoholics Anonymous $24.95
New Light on Alcoholism $24.95
Real Twelve Step Fellowship History $23.95
That Amazing Grace $22.95

The Akron Genesis of Alcoholics Anonymous $23.95
The Books Early AAs Read for Spiritual Growth $21.95
The Conversion of Bill W. $23.95
The First Nationwide A.A. History Conference, Phoenix, Arizona (Feb. '03) $22.95
The Golden Text of A.A. $20.95

The Good Book and The Big Book: A.A.'s Roots in the Bible $23.95
The Good Book-Big Book Guidebook $22.95
The James Club and The Original A.A. Program’s Absolute Essentials $23.95
The Oxford Group & Alcoholics Anonymous $23.95 Turning Point: A History of Early A.A.'s Spiritual Roots and Successes $29.95

Twelve Steps for YOU $21.95
Utilizing Early A.A.'s Spiritual Roots for Recovery Today $20.95
When Early AAs Were Cured. And Why $23.95
Why Early A.A. Succeeded $23.95

More information on each title can be found on this Web page:

Second, the retail/list price of the 29 volumes purchased separately, with an average price of $23.19 per book, is:


We are offering the entire, 29-volume "Dick B. Christian Recovery Reference Set" at 57% off :

(plus $30.00 Shipping & Handling)**

You save more than $383.00 dollars off the total retail/list price of $672.55 (if the 29 volumes were purchased separately).

** Please note: The $30.00 Shipping & Handling for the "Dick B. Christian Recovery Reference Set" only applies within the continental United States. For Shipping & Handling for areas outside the continental U.S., please contact Dick B. via email at for details.

Order “The Dick B. Christian Recovery Reference Set” Now and Save!

To learn more about this special offer, and/or to acquire the set using PayPal, or a (MasterCard or VISA) credit card or debit card, please go to:

Major Christian Recovery Resource #2
The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide, 3rd ed. (2010)

in the center column of the front page of the Web site and use the “Donate” button to make your secure online payment.

To use other forms of payment, or if you still have questions, please phone Ken B. at 1-808-276-4945 and provide your name, shipping and billing address, phone, email, credit card number and expiration date.

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