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Rock Recovery Ministry in San Diego and Its Quiet Time--Upper Room Program


A  Powerful Cooperative Effort by Rock Recovery Ministry in San Diego with the “Upper Room” Devotional of Early A.A. Utility

Dick B.

It is my privilege and pleasure to comment on, recommend, and commend the foregoing contribution by Rock Recovery Ministry.


I am one of those recovered alcoholics blessed with over 27 years of continuous sobriety and presenting to those in recovery some 46 titles and over 1500 articles on Alcoholics Anonymous History and on the Christian Recovery Movement. My son Ken and I have now devoted over 24 years researching, publishing, and spreading to ministries, churches, Christian Fellowships, treatment programs, prisons, the homeless, and sober living facilities the fruits of accompanying recovery efforts with a decisive, determined, and disciplined fellowship to ground the effort on the Bible and include 12 Step reliance on God in that discipline.


My son and I have been in San Diego with members of Rock Recovery Ministry a number of times. I attended and spoke at their bonfire meeting--pictured here. I attended and led one of their Bible studies primarily for newcomers. At the urging of David P., we attended one of the very much needed and unique newcomer orientation meeting at the home of David and his wife. David also showed us the residential housing where attention to Bible, prayer, A.A., the Twelve Steps, Christian Fellowship, and financial responsibility were patently there.


Probably the most impressive parts of what we saw at Rock Church in San Diego involved two distinctly different scenes. The first was the thousands of individuals, couples, and children who poured into church services on Sunday--and we were informed that about one-third of them were in the Rock recovery program. The second was the use the ministry made of the almost forgotten "Quiet Time," "Quiet Hour," "Morning Watch," daily devotions, and 11th Step suggestions which were "musts" in the A.A. Society from its very beginning in June of 1935 and thereafter.

It is now well-known by historians and hopefully by thousands in recovery that early AAs utilized the "Upper Room" quarterlies to guide their morning devotions. See


And Rock has put a splendid twist on this Upper Room and morning devotions restoration to recovery today.


As I understand it, a large part of the fellowship reads a segment of the Upper Room like the one above and then uses the popular technique of "texting" the group the sharing of those who studied the segment and want to contribute their understanding, comments, or questions.

One of the strengths of early A.A. was its close resemblance in principles, practices, and program to Acts in the Bible and the accounts of the daily Bible, prayer, fellowship, breaking of bread, attendance at Temple or homes, with witnessing and conversion that produced enormous numbers of new believers, healings, and fellowship in First Century Christianity.


I think it fair to liken what goes on at Rock to what went on in the early A.A. Christian Fellowship and in turn among the First Century Christians.


A final word about this particular contribution. Among early AAs, the Book of James was considered "absolutely essential" to their recovery. And the first chapter of James makes a strong case for dealing with temptation, asking God for wisdom, resisting the enticement, and--as Rock puts it--putting on the whole armor of God (per Ephesians 6), recognizing that the battle is not against flesh and bones, but against spiritual wickedness spawned by the Adversary and his minions.


And people in recovery today may someday recognize temptation as the major incitement to obsessions, addictions, excessive drinking and using, and even the death which the Adversary seeks to visit upon Christian believers, per his relentless mission Jesus defined in John 10:10 to steal, kill, and destroy.


Good for this exemplary contribution and for the discernment that enabled the Rock to grace the Upper Room with a definition of the problem and God's statement of the solution.


In His Service, Dick B.







































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