Friday, June 14, 2013

On Radio Tonight, Author Dick B. Asks for Volunteer Help in Handling the AA History Outreach Today

Dick B. asks for volunteers for major Christian Recovery outreach projects on the June 14, 2013, episode of the "Christian Recovery Radio with Dick B." show here:


or here:

Episodes of the "Christian Recovery Radio with Dick B." show are archived at:





Tonight's show is all about asking you, as AAs, Christians, and recovery leaders and servants, to furnish volunteer efforts to us in a major Christian Recovery Outreach effort just ahead. This volunteer help can be in your home or workplace, or in your fellowship or area. The appeal is not a fundraiser. It's a request for hands-on service consistent with your own time schedule, obligations, other demands, and degree of proficiency. This call is for help you choose to donate in connection with your proficiency with computers, graphics, Internet, Web sites, study, research, writing, intern inclinations, communication skills, skills in marketing and advertising, Christian recovery and healing, alcoholism and addiction, TV, radio, web design, personal contacts, and experience with recovery from addiction with God's help, the Bible, prayer, Christian literature, and spiritual growth. We have had and haven't employed staff or workers in the past. But the new plans are for revising our Web sites, blogs, films, audios, power points, graphics, YouTube, book reviews, commentaries, recruitment of new participants in Christian Recovery--whether as AAs, NAs, sponsors, speakers, physicians, psychologists, counselors, interventionists, sober living, after care. treatment, Christian recovery leadership, Christian recovery pastoring, ministries, articles, reviews, personal contacts, manuscript preparation, publishing, filming, recording, use of social media, emailing, contacting by phone or in person, and asking appropriate questions of our many communicants who use the phone, email, forums, comments, and the like. We'll briefly tell here what we do, have done, would like to do, and would like to have as volunteers. And about our aim to train others in old-school A.A., the Bible and A.A., A.A. history, prayer, and A.A. conference-approved literature. Write Dick at

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