Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Author Dick B.'s New one-bite-at-a-time A.A. history plans and presentation

In preparation for The First International Alcoholics Anonymous History Conference in Portland, Maine Sept 6-7, we are planning a new one-bite-at-a-time approach to making known our 24 years of research and publishing of the AA history, my 27 years of continuous recovery experience, and the 46 titles I have published on that history. We'll be working on a number of key bites of our history to be used in the future and which meet a three-fold test for presenting the bites: (1) Is there a bite a recovery leader, worker, or suffering seeker wants and will use in his own venue. (2) Will the bite serve and glorify God. (3) Will it  help the alcoholic who still suffers. If so, our many leaders and friends can request historical facts on a particular subject such as Bill's rebirth at Calvary Mission, or Dr. Bob's Quiet Time practices, or what took place in the early hospitalizations. And, is the bite material applicable in   today's diverse recovery scene.

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