Saturday, June 08, 2013

Letters from thankful Christian AAs We Like to Receive

A Letter from a Christian who followed our suggestion that she look up and attend a Christian fellowship meeting—attended by hundreds—in Orange County. Thanks to Jennifer.



Dear Dick,

I spoke w/your son a few days ago and I want to say GOD BLESS YOU for creating this christian recovery program. I am sure you can understand my motivation and frustration in finding a 12 step where mentioning the name of Jesus as my HIGHER POWER WOULD NOT GET ME SHUNNED AND LECTURED-this has sent me running on many many false starts on my journey to sobriety and to participate in GOD'S purpose for my life.I have been drinking or using for 34years off and on (mostly on) now-I am  54 years old currently living with my husband,a practicing alcoholic for seven years. now, I am cut off, isolated unemployed and except for your outreach and the Holy spirit ALONE. Last night I did attend the Fri. night meeting. It was like a church service/AA meeting for alcoholics. there were several hundred people there and I could see clearly, I AM NOT ALONE.I didn't connect w/anyone last night, it was all i could do to obey my father's instruction to JUST GO.I know that fellowship and service is ESSENTIAL to any hope for recovery but with all the broken relationships and experiences with other people leave me sceptical at best.but one day at a time, one second at a time is all i can manage today. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU DICK!!! MY FRIEND AND BROTHER IN JESUS CHRIST-THE HEALER, THE KING AND THE LORD OF ALL THOSE WHO WILL, Jennifer. . .

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