Monday, June 03, 2013

Maine A.A. History Conference in September 2013 Growing and Growing and Growing in People and Subjects

The First International Alcoholics Anonymous History Conference

Set for September 6-7 in Portland Maine


Growing and Growing and Growing in Groups and Subjects to be Covered


For example:


            The Akronites from Ontario Canada will be coming to talk about their huge program


The James Gang of Connecticut will be coming to show how the James Club idea is practiced in our program.


A psychiatrist from Deaconess Hospital in Massachusetts will be sharing on how he has developed a “quiet time” practice.


An Episcopal priest from Austin, Texas will be bringing exhibits and examples of the Quiet Time practices being developed by the Episcopal Diocese of Texas Recovery Committee, of which Father Bill W. is Chair


A leader of a hot “came to believe” retreat in Colorado (a retreat program originally established in the U.S. by Clarence H. Snyder) will be on hand to tell us how these growing retreats are using the new Guidebook, still taking AAs through the Steps in an afternoon, and “coming to believe


A long-time leader in the Gospel Rescue Mission association, in Alcoholics Victorious, in City Vision College, and in a recovery program for homeless veterans, will be coming from Missouri.


A physician from St. Louis will be coming to illustrate how his program for preventing “impaired” professionals from relapsing by using spiritual means as well.


The executive director of the revived Christian Endeavor International will be coming from Michigan to show the new emphasis on prayer among young people.


A leading Miami attorney, Christian leader, recovered 12 Stepper, and much sought-after speaker on how to present the Steps and the Big Book in 12 Step meetings based on Conference-approved literature will be there


Overcoming inappropriate and disrupting censorship of literature, of names, and of A.A. and similar meetings will be presented by more than one victorious recovered AA and  12 Step leader.


Two women leaders from Rhode Island will be presenting on “That Power, which is God.”


A recovered Christian AA leader from New Hampshire will be on hand to share about his message carrying with bikers.


A pastor from Ohio will be joining us to tell of his Christian recovery leadership


You can meet a noted blind author, Appalachian Trail hiker, and recovered man from Maine who will be a participant sharing how God enabled him to be lifted from his hole into an illustrious life of service and witness.


And there will be others helping us to focus on the special need to bring to the recovery fellowships and programs the documented Christian origins of A.A. and its co-founders; the original Christian fellowship program in Akron; to enable sponsors to present to newcomers a full spectrum of what God can do for the alcoholic who wants His help; and to provide beginning newcomers with that same spectrum as they look to God for release.


The First International Alcoholics Anonymous History Conference in Portland, Maine, and the visits with Dick B. and Ken B. are all without charge, though registration in advance to enable planning for the large crowd expected.


There will be ample opportunity to meet with Dick B. and Ken B. during the period they will be in Maine from September 5 to 12, 2013. Don’t miss this chance to teach us, share with us, learn from us, and help us highlight the role that God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the  Bible played and can play in recovery right now.


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