Wednesday, June 05, 2013

AA "leaders" fail to censore study of Bible as "non-conference-approved"

Three James Clubs in Norco California Reject Censorship by Central Office


Dick B.


This message was received June 5, 2013 from John S. And it is right on target for many att ending  The First International Alcoholics Anonymous History Conference. The A.A. bleeding deacons were claiming the Bible was not Conference approved and “thought”  they were eliminating the Norco groups


The Message from John S. to Dick B.:


“I remember when we first started The James Club in Norco CA. We were harassed by central office and inter group .Meetings in the area changed their format as to not allow us to announce our meeting. We kept on and inter group reps would come to our meetings, they new we were breaking an AA tradition because we had a Bible on the table.It took a while for them and after a few special inter group meetings it was finally settled on at AA central office that we were violating the tradition which states no outside issues(The Bible is an outside issue I guess). I wish I could tell you some great story but truth is we told them to "shut up and go away" and they did we are still in the directory we still use a Bible at our meeting. The only thing that changed is we got so big we split into three groups and many members only go to James Club Meetings which is unfortunate I think it's important to be involved in all aspects of AA ;gives us a firm grounding, AA saved my life(I took a 30 year chip last week 5/23/83) It's where I met Jesus Christ. Been almost ten years sense we started the James Club and you know what I miss all the controversy, maybe I need to start something it's to quiet . John Sorrells James Club Norco”

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