Thursday, June 20, 2013

An Answer to a Writer Who Repudiates God's help in A.A. by making light of a supposedly defunct "good old days"

The article above uses a phrase written by me but ignores 46 titles and 1500 articles we have published on the entire picture from  1850 forward. The article essentially repudiates the long-recognized fact that reliance on God works for those who come to Him through Jesus Christ , believe His promises, act  on them, grow in understanding through Bible study, prayer, Quiet Time, and Christian literature--not to mention working with, witnessing to, and converting others. See And The Good Book and The Big Book: A.A.'s Roots in the Bible
As has happened among those who favor idolatry and secularism, history itself is ignored and ridiculed often with the "not-evidence-based" argument. However, long before A.A. began, the following forces were at work successfully helping and healing those alcoholics and addicts who renounced their addiction, decided to do so permanently, and went to any lengths to assure victory--turning to God for help. In fact, the first three AAs (Bill W., Dr. Bob, and Bill D) all were healed for good by renouncing liquor, asking God for deliverance, and then helping others. This is not the "good old days" that the author proposes. It is fact. And it is consistent with the very history the first three AAs knew and relied upon. Let the author above discuss and repudiate the long and successful helping of the afflicted by: Young Men's Christian Association, Gospel Rescue Missions, Salvation Army, Congregationalism,, the Great  Evangelists like Dwight Moody, F. B. Meyer, Francis Clark, Amos Wells, and Allen Folger, and also United Christian Endeavor Society.
And when the author completes his examination, he should read contains a thorough study of these organizations and people. And the author above and his article talks of a "Christian" God--which bespeaks an underlying repudiation of Almighty God--Creator, Maker, Father, Father of Lights, and Heavenly Father as He is called in A.A.'s present-day Big Book, in the Old Testament, and in the new; and who named Himself for all time as Yahweh.
Incomplete history such as that in this article is worse than no history at all because it  detours those sorely in need of "Divine Aid" from the solution that has characterized recovery for centuries and certainly since the 1859's. See "Stick with the Winners!" and "Pioneer Stories in Alcoholics Anonymous:

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