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Year End Letter Report on Dick B. Publications

Year-End Letter Summary of Publications Under Way

Dick B.

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Dear Steve: Thanks very much for hooking up with Dominic on his question.


A word or two about Dominic, Cornerstone Church, and the strength of the Northern and Central California Christian Recovery Movement of which Dominic  is a part:


1.         In May of 2009, when we had our first major conference of Christian recovery leaders from all over the US and Canada, it was held in a huge Fellowship Hall at Mariners Church in Irvine, California.

2.         Dominic knew Larry Webb, one of our Orange County leaders. And Dominic – who lives in far away Pleasanton CA – attended. He then contacted Ken and me and said the Cornerstone Fellowship in Livermore would fly us up to conduct a large conference at their church. And it did; and Ken and I did just that.

3.         We found that Livermore was buzzing with 12 Step recovery interest. Greg Pope  was and is their recovery pastor, and he and Dominic conduct some very important history-oriented and 12-Step based recovery groups at the church. The auditorium was packed. The church stocked our books—particularly the Good Book and the Big Book; and we have been back again for other talks and conferences.

4.         Dominic is a hands-on 12th-Stepper and knows his Big Book, Bible, and Christian links. As time went on, we had some excellent contacts with nearby Golden Hills Community Church in Brentwood where Matt Pierce is recovery pastor, and David Sadler assists in a substantial way. We’ve had several conferences and meetings there. And we have worked hard to help build a network of International Christian Recovery Coalition leaders who know each other, exchange speaking engagements, and (in the case of Cornerstone and Golden Hills) contribute funds to our Agape Circle to help finance our trips and dissemination expenses.

5.         New South Bay Christian recovery leaders are sprouting up all over the San Francisco South Bay area. Recovery Pastor Doug Nunes and others centered around Calvary Church of Los Gatos; Eddie G. of Higher Power Celebration Ministry; Darryl Pearson of Seven Hills Baptist Church of San Jose; Ken Small –recovery leader; Chris Mullen’s Mercy and Grace Ministries and his large prison ministry; and others now in the wings.

6.         But that’s not the end. Dale Marsh is now recovery pastor of Oroville Church of the Nazarene. He is on our speaker’s bureau. He is constantly on the march in the whole area locating new churches,  pastors, and groups and helping build the working group network  that is so important. He has probably put us in touch with half a dozen strong Christian church leaders. And the group has now spread to some strong Christian and church leaders in San Jose, Los Gatos, Foster City, Foster City, and other spots in South Bay. These latter groups are just getting rolling, and we had two conferences in San Jose when we came to  your retreat. We also are planning a large one somewhere in the South Bay or Central California area this coming spring.

7.         I wanted you to have this background because it bespeaks a need and the fulfillment of the need right now. At first, we thought Orange County, Escondido, and San Diego were going to be the hot spots. And they are. David  Powers in San Diego, Roger McDiarmid and Pastor Joe Furey, Calvary Ranch, Danny Simmons, Bob Noonan, Larry Webb, Overcomers Outreach Inc., Thomas Thorne, Gary Seymour, Randy Moraitis, Dr. Robert Tucker, Jerry Liversage, Dr. Mike Belzman, Gary Martin, and Mario Zamorano are just a few of the dedicated people spreading the Christian Recovery-Twelfth Step message in the huge Southern California area. We have had many meetings there. In fact, we have a Southern California office in Huntington Beach at  New Life Spirit Recovery – thanks to Dr. Tucker.


More and more we are spreading the word of the important Our Legacy book. And those who see it, want to use it.


Now we have done at least  three important  things: (1) Our Christian  Recovery presentations and interviews had to take a back seat as we conducted research in Vermont, Cleveland, and Akron. But we have a  host of new shows scheduled; and Monty Meyer of Take 12 is going great guns with his supportive radio work from Oregon. (2) The back seat also had to be used again during the two months where I was dealing with heart and bladder problems; but God is restoring health there swiftly. (3) We are now working on some important new books—being published in print on demand and ebook as we speak. The first is “Stick with the Winners” which shows how to  use old school today. The second is Pioneer Stories in Alcoholics Anonymous. It  shows how important  and unique the long-forgotten personal stories in the First Edition (though removed for years) provide full testimony of  how the Akron program worked. This book is coming out  today. I have just completed a final draft of “Carry this Message. . .” which shows how to bring newcomers and sponsors up to date by having beginner’s meetings and emphasis on messages for beginners so that today’s A.A. will not be so bereft of healing information based on the power of God. We are also working on the 4th edition of “The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide” and our Vermont book on A.A., Bob, Bill, Ebby, and  the others—based largely on our recent research. And sandwiched in will be an appendix in “Carry This Message” which depicts the result  of our recent Cleveland-Akron research t rip.

Finally, we are working with Greg Pope on a play  about the original meetings; and we are working with Rick S. on his planned sponsor’s guide that will cover every aspect of  the Big Book front matter, Dr.’s opinion, Bill’s chapters, and three personal stories from the 1st edition.


2013 is a promising year for Christian recovery leaders, workers, and newcomers. And, depending on how things go, we hope to be invited to do a brief talk and two workshops at the February Conference (CROSS Florida) being put together primarily by Russell Spatz for the Miami area.


Other than  these items, things are really lethargic right now on Maui?! 


God bless,


Dick B.

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From: Steve F.

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To: 'Dominic D.

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Subject: Question Re: The Christian Version of the Step 3 Prayer




Thanks for your communication and question.


The prayer as written in the AA Legacy Guide came as a combination of three separate sources, and as it is now written was not a part of the pre-publishing of the Big Book being used by Clarence Snyder in the late 1930s.


Three (total of 6 people) sources are: (1) Clarence and Grace Snyder; (2) Harold Hill (now deceased and author of “How To Live Like A King’s Kid” and other great books); and the three male authors of the AA Legacy Guide: Dale Morfitt (now deceased), Jack Rapp, and myself. This was a collaborative effort and the final result is as printed in the Guide.


Where are you located? Perhaps we could meet up at one of the Came To Believe retreats. The dates and locations as well as other information about our mission can be found on our website:


Happy Holidays and God Bless,


Steve F.


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