Friday, December 21, 2012

Two New Dick B.--Ken B. A.A. History Books Now on

Many of radio interviews, conferences, workshops, and gatherings of and about recovered Christian alcoholics and addicts leaders and workers in early 2013 will be very much focused on two of the most recent Alcoholics Anonymous History books published by Dick B. and Ken B. and being made available right now in print-on-demand and electronic form on Amazon and other ebook outlets:

1. Stick with the Winners! How to Conduct More Effective 12-Step Recovery Meetings Using Conference-approved Literature: A Dick B. Guide for Christian Leaders and Workers in the Recovery Arena.

2. Pioneer Stories in "Alcoholics Anonymous": God's Role in Recovery Confirmed!

Please feel free to contact if you want to buy these at a substantial discount for your group, meeting, conferences, sponsees, clients, programs, and fellowships.

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