Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ignoring the negative blasts at A.A. Especially in 2013

Here's a thought that keeps coming my way as I try to renew my mind with the Word of God. It has to do with accentuating the positive and casting down the negatives.

I've found no profit in heeding those who think a Christian will go straight to hell if he comes into A.A., quits drinking for goox, turns to God for deliverance, heeds God's will, grows in understanding through the Bible and prayer, and then gives good measure of time to helping the alcoholic who still suffers. If the afflicted is an atheist, he needs help. Doctors and nurses and medics wouldn't turn the other way. Neither do I. If he's a Jew, Protestant, Roman Catholic, or unbeliever, black, Native American, or Japanese, doctors and nurses and medics wouldn't turn the other way. Neither do I.

I've found no profit in condemning the next drunk's belief, unbelief, religious conviction, or church association. He's a drunk. He needs help. So did I. And I've found myself qualified to tell him what happens when you quit for good, ask God's help, clean house, and carry the message of deliverance for those who want it. Even if they don't, and they are twitching in detox, vomiting in the car, or stealing when you are not looking, their reward is their business. But if their focus is on quitting drinking and finding out how to do it, that's where I can help if they want help -- especially with God's Word and the discipline of A.A.

Let the negatives fight their own battles. Ephesians 6 tells us the real battle. James 4:7 tells us the real enemy. And 1 John tells us how to attain victory if we ask and act according to His will.

The negatives--whether emanating from Christian critics, atheists, bleeding deacons, unhappy and resentful campers, or grumps--add little to recovery. And I'm in favor of avoiding them all in favor of God, His Son, His Word, and the mission of helping others. That more than suffices for tossing aside the negatives.

Happy New Year. Dick B.

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