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Dick B. Interviews Monty Meyer of

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You may hear Dick B. interview Monty Meyer of on the December 27, 2012, episode of the "Christian Recovery Radio with Dick B." show here:


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Synopsis of the Interview of Monty Meyer of

The Following is the Introduction we Broadcast

Ours is a Christian recovery radio interview show where we hear from recovered alcoholics and addicts and Christian Recovery leaders and workers we have met in the last 23 years of travel and research. Monty Meyer of Albany, Oregon, is certainly such a leader. He is a dedicated, recovered, 12 Stepper, and a strong supporter of the roles of God and His Son Jesus Christ and the Bible in the recovery arena. He has produced many "A.A. History with Dick B." radio shows where I have told of the history of A.A., its founders and pioneers, the origins of the 12 Steps, the biblical roots of the 12 Steps, and the early A.A. "Christian fellowship" and leaders in Akron. Today, we will hear Monty tell us a bit about his background, substance abuse period, recovery interests, Christian service, and has a worldwide audience as I found when a group in Dubai phoned me in Hawaii to tell me they were a Bible study group listening to my comments on Monty's show. Having recovered from some serious illness bouts, Monty has sallied forth anew with some top notch speakers and music on his show. And I'm sure he will clue us in on what he is doing now and plans to do in the months to come to provide further service to the alcoholic or addict who still suffers, and let him or her learn from those who are laboring hard to help others find help from our Creator. Take it away, Monty


Special Highlights of the Monty Meyer Interview Itself

Monty expressed his view that any treatment organization or program that does not have a spiritual content is not worth its weight.

            Monty’s background includes all the vagaries and troubles of alcoholism. He was on the streets for 18 years. He entered a recovery program which emphasized “Just have faith.” But it didn’t relieve him of his “powerlessness.” He went to Bible college and served as an Associate pastor and minister. Still no relief. But in 1973, with a solid relationship with God, his obsession was lifted.

            That said, the next question for him was what to do with this miracle. The first answer was to return the Twelve Steps to the fore. Then a lady called him and said she didn’t like his writing and that he should make his presentations on radio. And this he did—starting with a Friday show.

            Next, in his interview, Monty acquainted us with the progress of which emphasizes the Big Book and recovery for addicts.

            And the show has become what I believe is the most complete, comprehensive, spiritual 12 Step recovery show in existence. 7 days a week.

            Monday—there is a speaker on the 12 Step Solution—the Creator’s entering into our

 hearts and lives in a way that is truly miraculous. Tuesday—the A.A. history show with Dick B., plus our Dick B. Christian Recovery Radio interviews. Wednesday is open forum about the power of God, trivia, music, and opinions—but no tip toeing on the importance of God. Thursday, Bryan Duncan presents a 30 minute how, primarily musical—stressing the importance of God. Friday—Arrowsmith, Intervention, Celebrity Rehab, Ordinary folks like us and that the 12 Steps are God-driven. Saturday—Recovery Workshop emphasizing knowing the Big Book. Monty and Chris Schroeder have 34 one hour shows which demonstrate why the instructions for taking the Steps come from the Big Boo (not the Twelve and Twelve as some have opined).

            Monty said the show has 55,000 subscribers; but many more know of and hear the show just by being referred there by others. He also pointed to the very clear presence of Jesus Christ in the Big Book, once a person knows that Dr. Silkworth told Bill that Jesus Christ could cure him; Ebby Thacher told Bill how he had been reborn at the altar of Calvary Mission; and Bill himself went to the altar and was born again; and then sought God’s help at Towns Hospital—having his indescribably white light experience—and becoming convinced: “Bill, you are a free man. This is the God of the Scriptures.”

            The value of the Take12Radio resource is that it is archived. You can hear its shows 7 days a week, choosing one of the formats, and not having to listen in a certain day of the week.

   stands alone as the foremost 12-Step, Christian oriented radio show on the air today. At least, that’s my view.


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