Thursday, December 27, 2012

Preview of Dec 27 ChristianRecoveryRadio Interview of Monty Meyer

Ours is a Christian recovery radio interview show where we hear from recovered alcoholics and addicts and Christian Recovery leaders and workers we have met in the last 23 years of travel and research. Monty Meyer of Albany, Oregon is certainly such a leader. He is a dedicated recovered 12 Stepper and a strong supporter of the role of God and His Son Jesus Christ and the Bible in the recovery arena. He has produced many A.A. History with Dick B. shows where I have told of A.A. history, its founders and pioneers, the origins of the 12 Steps, the biblical roots of the 12 Steps, and the early A.A. Christian Fellowship and leaders in Akron. Today we will hear Monty tell us a bit about his background, substance abuse period, recovery interests, Christian service, and has a worldwide audience as I found when a group in Dubai phoned me in Hawaii to tell me they were a Bible study group listening to my comments on Monty's show. Having recovered from some serious illness bouts, Monty has sallied forth anew with some top notch speakers and music on his show. And I'm sure he will clue us in on what he is doing now and plans to do in the months to come to provide further service to the alcoholic and addict who still suffers and let him or her learn from those who are laboring hard to help others find help from our Creator. Take it away, Monty

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