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Hundreds of Photos of A.A. and A.A.'s Vermont Roots

The New Historical Era Reporting of A.A.’s Vermont Roots

Hundreds of Photos Now Available on

Dick B.


Between September 1 and 10, 2012, a large group of recovered Christian A.A. leaders, workers, and archivists spent their time visiting and researching all of the important A.A. locations in Vermont which played such a major role in the origins, history, founding, original Christian Fellowship program, and successes of early A.A.  The research trip was a project of the International Christian Recovery Coalition.


Jim H., a long-recovered archivist from the State of Washington, was with us every step of the way. He took hundreds of photos of the many places visited and researched. These included Dorset, Danby, Emerald Lake, East Dorset, Rutland, Manchester, St. Johnsbury, and Northfield, Vermont, as well as the Dwight  L. Moody campus in Northfield, Massachusetts.


The result was a comprehensive picture of the places where A.A.’s main founding group lived or were much involved in the State of Vermont. These founding people included Bill Wilson, Mark Whalon, Lois Burnham Wilson and the Burnham family, Bill Wilson’s high school love Bertha Bamford and her family, Bill’s grandparents the Griffiths, Bill’s grandparents the Wilsons, Bill’s mother and sister and brother-in-law, Bill’s step mother, Edwin Throckmorton Thacher, the Thacher family, the Burnham family, Rowland Hazard, Cebra Graves, F. Shepard Cornell, Judge Collins Graves, Rev. Sidney K. Perkins of Manchester, Robert Holbrook Smith, Judge Walter Smith, Susan Amanda Holbrook Smith, Amanda Northrup, the entire Fairbanks family of St. Johnsbury, Col. Franklin Fairbanks, Vermont Governors Horace and  Erastus Fairbanks, Thaddeus Fairbanks, Joseph Fairbanks, Rogers Burnham, the son of Rev. Perkins, Dwight L. Moody, Robert E. Speer, Ira Sankey, Allen Folger, and a host  of others—all centered around Vermont.


If you go to our website, you will see the photographic panorama produced by our friend and A.A. archivist Jim. H. who came all the way from the State of Washington to the State of Vermont. In so doing, he has produced photos of Wilson House, Griffith House, East Dorset Congregational Church, the locations of the Wilson family in Rutland—their home, their school, and the Congregational Church. He also produced photos  of the Wilson family cemetery, the homes of the Thachers and the Burnhams in Manchester, Burr and Burton Academy, Manchester Congregational Church, the Manchester Congregational pastor’s home, the Episcopal Church in Manchester, the campus at Norwich Military Academy in Northfield, the Mount Hermon home and campus of Dwight L. Moody, North  Congregational Church of St.  Johnsbury, St. Johnsbury Academy, the St .Johnsbury Court House, the Athenaeum (town library), the location of the St. Johnsbury YMCA building, Dr. Bob’s boyhood home and birthplace, Dr. Bob’s Summer Street  School, the Fairbanks Museum, the Fairbanks Inn, and other places of historical importance in A.A.’s new Vermont era history.                 


You can locate the many photos at:


They are listed as aajimh's Photos and Videos


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