Monday, July 04, 2011

Unusual, Inexpensive 6 Months of Ads in our Frequent Newsletters

An Unusual Advertisement Suggestion
Expand our History and Recovery Outreach
Support our Expense
Have Your Center, Program, Ministry, and Site Information Disseminated Frequently

Dick B

This is a rather unusual request, suggestion, and very-much reduced advertising offer. We have found that for a $500.00, six-month circulation of our "Dick B. FYI Message" newsletter that we can expect a much larger newsletter and general audience than previously. Hence, Patricia Henderson in Arizona and her WINR program and Bobby Nichol in California and his CELEBRATE A NEW LIFE RECOVERY CENTER have listed themselves as advertisers in connection with each issue of our newsletter which goes out frequently, as you know.

There are some exciting expansions of our outreach which are in progress and which keep producing communications enabling us to expand our newsletter list, as well as our Web site hits, email responses, and phone calls. More important by far, to further our worldwide dissemination of A.A. History and of the Christian Recovery Movement

Examples that have been very productive are:

1. Twitter Dick B.;
2. Facebook Dick B.
3. My own blog:;
4. The International Christian Recovery Coalition blog:
5. Our just-installed Dick B. YouTube Channel presentations with hundreds in the offing
6. Our just-installed forums on the International Christian Recovery Coalition Web site, which, in just a few days, have produced a large number of new viewers;
7. Our frequent and expanded posts on Google Buzz, Google Reader, Stumble Upon, Digg, In the Rooms, sober social forums (like CyberRecovery, Recovery Internet Fellowship, Christian Recovery Ministries, and Daily Recovery), and frequent successful submissions of articles to Self-Improvement Experts, Search Warp, Articles Base,, and several others.

These and other efforts are producing a large increase for us in our responses, from our announcements, and from frequent dissemination of information in the newsletter.

We would be delighted to see you visit us in Maui soon. And I hope very much that you will send us $500.00 to place an advertisement for six months similar to Patricia's and Bobby's advertisements on the "Dick B. FYI Message" newsletter.

Contact Ken B. at 808 276 4945 in order to donate by paypal, credit card, or phoning in, and to give us the text of your desired advertisement in our frequent newsletter outreach;

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