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Christian Roots of A.A., A.A. Christian Roots

What are the Christian roots of A.A.? Strangely, there are some well financed websites, sites like psychoheresy, that claim there are no Christian roots of A.A. And they make many statements that just don't square with the actual Christian roots of A..

In brief, those Christian roots of A.A. (Alcoholics Anonyous) include the following:

1. The Salvation Army. See
2. The lay brethren of the YMCA. See
3. The great Christian evangelists like Dwight L. Moody, Ira Sankey, F.B. Meyer, Billy Sunday, and
Allen Folger.
4. The Christian Gospel Rescue Missions like those headed by Jerry McAuley, S.H. Hadley, and
Calvary Mission (where A.A. co-founder Bill W. and his "sponsor" Ebby T. made decisions
for Christ.
5. The Great Awakening of 1875 in St. Johnsbury, Verrmont (where A.A. co-founder Dr. Bob was
born and raised.
6. The Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor of North Congregational Church of S Johnsbury
7. In St. Johnsbury, Vermont - where Dr. Bob was born and raised: (a) Devoted Congregationalist
parents who were Sunday school superintendents and teachers, as well as active in the church. (b)
Sunday school, sermons, prayer services, Bible studies. (c) Christian Endeavor (d) St. Johnsbury
Academy where Dr. Bob's parents were active and Dr. Bob took Christian studies, attended Daily
Chapel, required weekly church services and Bible study. (e) The YMCA of which Bob's father
was president - which was active in the church and in the Academy.
8. In East Dorset Vermont--where Bill W. was born and spent his youngest years: (a) East Dorset
Congregational Church and Sunday school and revivals (b) Bible studies by Bill with his
grandfather Griffith and his friend Mark Whalon.
9. In Manchester, Vermont--where Bill W. attended Burr and Burton Academy: (a) Daily chapel.
(b) Required weekly Bible study. (c) Required weekly attendance at Manchester Congregational
Church. (d) Bill's four-year Bible study course. (e) The presidency by Bill W. of the school YMCA
and of Bill's girl friend Bertha Bamford of the school YWCA and their joint participation

There are many more facets of the Christian roots of A.A. And these will be covered in the next presentation.

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