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Tremendous Bargain! July Special! Get the Set!

Tremendous Bargain! July Special!

“Get the Set!”: Part 1

The Entire, 29-Volume,
“Dick B. Christian Recovery Reference Set”

Only USD $249.00!

Shipping to the Continental United States Included!**

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Here are the Tables of Contents from the first five titles in the “Dick B. Christian Recovery Reference Set,” listed in alphabetical order, to whet your appetite for investing in this amazing “Reference Set”:

A New Way In:
Reaching the Heart of a Child of God in Recovery with His Own, Powerful, Historical Roots

Table of Contents

Part 1: The Akron A.A. Christian Program That Cured Alcoholics

Part 2: Teach the Puzzled Seeker Some Special Fragments of Early A.A. History and Roots

Part 3: Tell the Newcomer the Pioneers Were Cured. Ask, Why Not You?

Part 4: For Facts about Why Early A.A. Succeeded, Look at the Successful Power Houses That Preceded and Influenced It

Part 5: Look at Several Newly-Researched Factors That Point up the Major Structure of the Early A.A. Program

Part 6: What Every Christian in Recovery Ought to Know Individually

A New Way Out:
New Path—Familiar Road Signs—Our Creator's Guidance

Table of Contents

Ch. 1: Directions for the New Way Out

Ch. 2: Additional History on Programs That Have Gone Before

Ch. 3: The Two, Diverse Recovery Program Origins; and the Three, Emerging, Varied Approaches in Akron, Cleveland, and New York

Ch. 4: Parallels from the Groups Contributing to Akron's Pioneer Program

Ch. 5: Jerry Dunn's Relevant Viewpoints

Ch. 6: Picking Your Way Along Today

Ch. 7: Hindrances Today Blocking the Path of Return to Original Spiritual Roots and Power

Ch. 8: The Importance of Choice

Ch. 9: The Choice of a New Way Out

Anne Smith's Journal, 1933-1939:
A.A.'s Principles of Success

Table of Contents

Ch. 1: A Lady of Faith, Courage, and Love

Ch. 2: The Elements of the Twelve Steps

Ch. 3: The Books That Anne Read and Recommended

Ch. 4: Anne's Discussion of 28 Oxford Group Concepts

Ch. 5: Spiritual Principles

Ch. 6: Conclusion

Appendix: 28 Oxford Group Principles That Influenced A.A.

By the Power of God:
A Guide to Early A.A. Groups & Forming Similar Groups Today

Table of Contents

Part 1: The Starkness and Darkness of the Problem, and the Simplicity of the Early Solution

Ch. 1: My Personal Debt to, and Opportunities from, A.A.

Ch. 2: What Believers Involved in Today's Twelve Step Programs May Be Seeking

Ch. 3: The Simple Program As A.A. Pioneers Described It

Ch. 4: The Real Foundations of A.A.'s Pioneer Program

Part 2: You Can Start a Good Book-Big Book Group in a Variety of Ways

Ch. 5: The Basics Early AAs Borrowed from the Bible

Ch. 6: The Oxford Group Path in Pioneer A.A.'s Steps

Ch. 7: Quiet Time, Devotionals, and the Guidance of God

Ch. 8: Anne Smith's Specific Journal and Twelve Step Ideas

Part 3: Sam Shoemaker, Bill's Acknowledged Mentor, and A.A.'s Six Basic Roots

Ch. 9: Oxford Group Leader Sam Shoemaker's Input

Ch. 10: Putting the Steps and Their Sources Together

Part 4: A Vision for You

Ch. 11: Can There Be Pioneer Groups in Today's A.A.?

Ch. 12: Guides for Groups Direct from A.A.'s Pioneers

Possible Meeting Resources
Possible Types of Meetings for Such Groups
Possible Approaches in Meetings
Possible Meeting Formats

Ch. 13: What Such Meetings Can Accomplish

Ch. 14: What You Can Do Today

Appendix: Dr. Bob's Bible and A.A. Group No. 1 in Akron

Proven Help for Alcoholics and Addicts

Table of Contents

Ch. 1: The Earliest A.A. Days

Ch. 2: Let's Use Simple Words That People Understand

Ch. 3: Newcomer Netting

Ch. 4: What History Can Teach You in, and about, A.A. Itself

Ch. 5: Offering More Than Abstinence

Ch. 6: Facing “Reality” with “Divine Help”

Ch. 7: Talking Plainly about the Creator

Ch. 8: There Is More to Cure Than Abstinence

Ch. 9: My Own Table of Tips

Ch. 10: Cured and Victorious! Putting the Pieces Together

Buy for a Lifetime!

The Entire, 29-Volume,
“Dick B. Christian Recovery Reference Set”

Only USD $249.00!

Shipping to the Continental United States Included!**

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