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Recovery Study Group Resources - Suggestions for You!

Recovery Study Group Resources

A.A. History, Christian Recovery Origins, Big Book-Bible, Step Study-Bible, James Clubs

Dick B.
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What Folks Have Been Asking

From all over the world, several inquiries come in almost daily. Usually, the inquirer says: I love your materials. Or, I never knew. Or, I always thought A.A. had Christian origins. Or, I thought there was a Bible background to the Big Book, the Twelve Steps, and A.A. itself. Or, I want to start a group. Or, I’d like to present my church with some Christian recovery ideas. Or, where do I begin? Or, what do we do? Or, do you have some materials that can guide us in setting up group studies and fellowships that provide Bible emphasis, Big Book 12-Step study, details about what the early AAs did in their “Christian fellowship” founded in 1935 for which early A.A. claimed a 75% success rate.

Our Answer? Yes!

Here Are Several of My Books That Provide Specifics

Dick B., By the Power of God ( A guide to groups.
Dick B., Good Morning!: Quiet Time, Morning Watch, Meditation, and Early A.A.
( The how and why of Christian “meditation.”
Dick B., The Good Book and the Big Book ( A.A.'s biblical
Dick B., The Good Book-Big Book Guidebook ( Guide.
Dick B. The James Club and the Original A.A.’s Absolute Essentials
( Compares Big Book-James, Sermon, 1 Corinthians
Dick B. Twelve Steps for You ( Step origins one-by-one.
Dick B. When Early AAs Were Cured and Why (
The original program details.

Our Latest Suggestion

Acquire a “site license”to use and present our new Introductory Foundations for Christian Recovery class by Dick B. and Ken B. (2010) on four DVD’s, accompanied by a Class Guide for Students, a Class Instructor's Guide, and The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide, 3rd ed., by Dick B. and Ken B. (2010). This class presents a thorough analysis of A.A.’s roots from the history before its founding in June 1935 through the publication of the First Edition of Alcoholics Anonymous (the “Big Book”) in April 1939. Plenty of resources. Plenty of study subjects. A terrific way to start your group on its way.

Some Dick B. Articles Available Free Online
That Provide Specific Suggestions for Groups and Studies

I have also written a number of articles through the years which have spawned James Club groups, Christian recovery groups, Good Book-Big Book study groups, and others. Click on my Dick B. Articles page: Then go to the blue boxes which list articles and click on the following articles for a start:

A.A. History Study Guide
A.A. Study Groups
Guide for Recovery Groups
Study Group Topics
The James Club Groups
Study The Steps
New Study Groups
The James Club

The Final Step—Starting a Group

Review the resources online. Decide what your group or approach might be. Contact Dick B. by email or phone (; 808 874-4876). Or contact Ken B. by email or phone (; 808 276-4945). Ken can tell you how and where to buy the books, where to locate the articles online, and how to sign up for our “Introductory Foundations for Christian Recovery” class. And either of us can tell you what other groups are doing around the world and what approach might be most helpful to you.

Gloria Deo

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