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AA History: 5 More of the 29 Dick B. Bargain Set of Titles

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“Get the Set!”: Part 2

The Entire, 29-Volume,
“Dick B. Christian Recovery Reference Set”

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Here are the Tables of Contents from the second five titles in the “Dick B. Christian Recovery Reference Set,” listed in alphabetical order, to whet your appetite for investing in this amazing “Reference Set”:

Dr. Bob and His Library:
A Major A.A. Spiritual Source

Table of Contents

Ch. 1: The Story of Doctor Bob's Reading

Ch. 2: Sources of Information about His Books

Ch. 3: The Books Dr. Bob Owned, Read, and Recommended

The Bible
Books about the Bible
Christian Classics
The Life of Jesus Christ
Daily Bible Devotionals
The Sermon on the Mount
The Oxford Group
Dr. Samuel M. Shoemaker
Two of A.A.'s Other “Founders”
Authors of Special Interest to Dr. Bob
Religion and the Mind
Quiet Time
The Weatherhead Puzzle
The Calvary Evangel List of Oxford Group Literature

Ch. 4: What's New?

New Materials in This Revised Edition
The Search Goes On

Ch. 5: Dr. Bob's Biblical Sources Emerge

Direct Biblical Quotations
Recognizable Biblical Ideas
A.A. Slogans Adopted from Biblical Ideas
The Point of the Quest for Sources

Ch. 6: Some Final Thoughts

About Dr. Bob's Library
About the Good Book, A.A., and His Library
About the Source of A.A. Ideas
About Dr. Bob's Own Path
About Reliance upon God

Appendix 1: Dr. Bob's Biblical and Christian Background

Appendix 2: Inventory of Books on Hand at Calvary House, September 12, 1933

Dr. Bob of Alcoholics Anonymous:
His Excellent Training in the Good Book As a Youngster in Vermont

Table of Contents

Ch. 1: The “Great Awakening” of 1875 in St. Johnsbury, Vermont

Ch. 2: The Challenge and Direction of the Dr. Bob Resource Volumes

Ch. 3: A.A.'s Dr. Bob and His St. Johnsbury, Vermont, Roots

Ch. 4: Dr. Bob's Birthplace and Boyhood Home

Ch. 5: North Congregational Church, St. Johnsbury

Ch. 6: The Christian Endeavor Society and Its Legacy to Alcoholics Anonymous

Ch. 7: The St. Johnsbury Academy

Ch. 8: The Fairbanks Family of St. Johnsbury, Vermont

Ch. 9: The Town of St. Johnsbury of Dr. Bob's Youth

Ch. 10: The YMCA and St. Johnsbury, Vermont: 1875-1898

Ch. 11: The Original, Akron A.A. Spiritual Program of Recovery


God and Alcoholism:
Our Growing Opportunity in the 21st Century

Table of Contents

Ch. 1: The Real Facts about A.A.'s Pioneer Group

A New Spiritual Recovery Program with Enormous Potential
The Frank Amos Reports on A.A.'s Pioneer Group (Akron Number One) Program
The “Musts” of the Pioneers' Program
Other Important, but Not “Essential,” Parts of the Successful Program
What Was Not Part of the Pioneer Group Program
Eleven Features of the Pioneer A.A. Group Program

Ch. 2: A.A.'s Great Role: A Review of, and Experiences with, the Practices, Principles, and Values of A.A. in the 20th Century

A Personal Appraisal
Some Valuable Ideas and Terminology
About God
About Healing, Cure, Deliverance, and Overcoming
About “Alcoholism”
My Own Summary of A.A.'s Major Virtues

Ch. 3: The Good News: What God Can Do about Alcoholism

You (the “Party of the First Part”) Need Pioneer Understanding of God
The Founders Were Not Alone in Their Faith That God Cures Alcoholism
The Power of God in Healing—even of the Alcoholic!
Defining the Role of God, the Bible, the Church, and the Clergy in Dealing with Alcoholism
The Good News

Ch. 4: The Nonsense “gods” of recovery

Let's Begin with Some Definitions
Some “Higher Power” Homework: What Is This New “god”?
Some Additional “Higher Power” Homework: Where Did This New “god” Come from?
What Is “a Power greater than ourselves”?
Another New “god” in A.A.? Or the Creator?
“God as we Understood Him”
An Alleged Compromise That Opened the Door

Ch. 5: The Opportunity

Ch. 6: Why Bring up God—Again!

The Big Deal: God Loves, Delivers, Heals, Forgives, and Guides
The “Higher Power” Theology Just Hasn't Been That Good!
Analysts of “Divine Help” Are Neither Numerous, United, Nor Persuasive
There Is Healing in That “Old Time Religion”

Good Morning!:
Quiet Time, Morning Watch, Meditation, and Early A.A.

Table of Contents

Ch. 1: What's It All About?

Ch. 2: It Began in the Bible

Ch. 3: Listening through the Ages

Ch. 4: Quiet Time Roots

Ch. 5: Quiet Time Practices

Ch. 6: What Early AAs Borrowed

Ch. 7: History to the Rescue

What AAs Can Learn from Their Spiritual Roots
The Trek from Spiritual Kindergarten to Spiritual Maturity
Suggestions from the Author's Experience in A.A.
The Solution
What about Today?

Henrietta B. Seiberling:
Ohio's Lady with a Cause

Table of Contents

Ch. 1: A Brief Glance at Henrietta's Life

Ch. 2: An Accurate Description of A.A.'s Real Spiritual Roots

Ch. 3: Henrietta's Special Role as a Non-Alcoholic Woman Who Helped Found A.A.

Ch. 4: Akron's Oxford Group Encounters

Ch. 5: Distinguishing Akron's Program from Bill's Later Twelve Steps

Ch. 6: The Exit of the Oxford Group: Observations about A.A.'s Connection with the Oxford Group

Ch. 7: Let Go, and Let God

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The Entire, 29-Volume,
“Dick B. Christian Recovery Reference Set”

Only USD $249.00!

Shipping to the Continental United States Included!**

(** Please write Dick B. at for Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and elsewhere. **)

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