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Christian Recovery Info - Actual Script of Dick B. YouTube Program 12

The Dick B. YouTube Channel
The History of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Christian Recovery Movement

[Twelfth Program: The Christian Recovery Information Banquet]

This is the twelfth presentation on the Dick B. YouTube Channel. Here I pause in the planned programs and enable you to find the large number of information sources that supplement the brief presentations here on the DickB. YouTube Channel. These sources provide accurate, detailed, comprehensive supportive facts about the material on the Dick B. YouTube Channel. This program explains in brief the virtual banquet of Christian Recovery Information that my son Ken and I have assembled and published widely in the last twenty-one years of research:

We begin, of course, with the 42 published titles on A.A. History and the Christian Recovery Movement. They are listed, primarily, on the titles page of my main website: Most are also listed on

Next come the more than 650 articles on the same subjects. They can be found on my main website; on such popular sites as, aabibliography, aa-history, my own blogs and twitters and Facebook materials mentioned in a moment, and today upon Google Buzz, Google Reader, Digg, Stumbleupon, In the Rooms, Hub Pages-Christianity,, Articles Base, SearchWarp, Self Improvement Experts, and an increasing number of forums, including our own, such as Cyber Recovery, Internet Recovery Fellowship, International Christian Recovery Forums, Daily Recovery, and Christian Recovery Ministries. There are many others as well.

Here are some of the recent sources we have just made available, plus our suggestions from

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Check out my A.A. history videos on the new Dick B. Channel on YouTube:

Check out the new International Christian Recovery Coalition Forums:

And then there are the frequent posts, announcements, and article materials you can follow on:

My blog:
Our Coalition blog:
Dick B. Facebook:
Dick B. Twitter:!/DickB_Maui

Still more, you can join the hundreds and hundreds all over the world who email me at; phone me at 808 874 4876; or write me at Dick B., PO Box 873, Kihei, HI 96753-0837. When available, I try to answer every courteous, relevant inquiry and message.

Finally, my son Rev. Ken B. and I frequently are invited to speak at conferences, seminars, programs, and meetings—whenever we are funded as to travel-meals-lodging, and whenever it fits our schedule. We frequently are blessed to have famed Christian musical entertainers like Walter Santos of Santos Ministries and a host of Christian leaders and recovery workers worldwide who have become listed participants in International Christian Recovery Coalition And, of course, newcomers and their concerned families and loved ones—lots of inquiries from them.

The Christian Recovery Movement is on the move and growing. And you can be a vital part by learning its history and by helping disseminate the role that God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible have played in the origins, history, founding, original A.A. Christian Fellowship in Akron, and its astonishing successes. And also in explaining to newcomers and old timers alike just how those roles are compatible with, and applicable in, recovery societies like A.A. and N.A. today.

End of Program Twelve:

This presentation covers the Christian Recovery Information Banquet, and then, in the next two programs, I will return to the materials about the Christian upbringing of A.A. co-founders Dr. Bob and Bill W.

I close by giving you a picture of the cover page of Turning Point—which was the first comprehensive, accurate, and complete history of the spiritual roots and successes of early A.A.

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