Thursday, July 07, 2011

Incessant Anti-AA Drumbeat of "Christian" Psychoheretics

Little needs to be said about the incessant anti-A.A. articles of Rapture Ready, John Lanagan, and psychoheresy except that these and a few other anti-A.A. and probably Christian fringe writers are apparently well-financed, persistent in their attacks, and uniformed about their subject, their Bible, and A.A. itself.

There is nothing new about misquoting Scripture, distorting history, and publishing the propaganda of and by the uniformed. Ad hominem attacks are as old as history.

What is new is the number of people who have been exposed to this incessant anti-A.A. trashing, and raising questions about A.A. and its tolerance today of those who are not Christians. For one thing, A.A. and other 12 Step fellowships today appear to have tens if not hundreds of thousands of devout Christian believers as participants.

My A.A. History and Christian Recovery Movement books (42 of them) and 650 articles are a sufficient answer. There is a best starting point for those Christians and other A.A. members who want to know about the early A.A. Christian Fellowship, about the Christian origins of A.A., about the Christian upbringing of the first three A.A. members, and the intense Bible study, prayer meetings, Quiet Times, and conversion to God through Jesus Christ that took place by requirement made of every new A.A. member.

The starting point is Dick B.'s The Good Book and The Big Book: A.A.'s Roots in the Bible; The James Club and The Original A.A. Program's Absolute Essentials; and The Good Book-Big Book Guidebook

When the beginner - and that includes the anti-A.A. psycho people - has finished the foregoing landmark books, he or she can go to the remaining 39 titles which comprehensively, accurately, and truthfully report the facts about A.A. History and the Christian Recovery Movement from the 1850's to this very day.

You might wish, at no cost, to become listed as a participant in the International Christian Recovery Coalition and support the truthful reporting of A.A. and A.A. History, as well as A.A. and its Christian roots.

Gloria Deo

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