Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Two important Interviews in a row on Christian Recovery Radio

Be sure to go to Christian Recovery ( to hear the two recovered oldtimers who were interviwed by Dick B. this week. These two devoted Christian AAs tell us about major items of importance among those who work to help the still suffering alcoholics and addicts get well. Both had great sponsors who favored what they were doing and guided them

Rusty W. from Arizona. has been recording recovery conferences, meetings, and gatherings for many years now. Rusty's sponsor encouraged him to go into this field of blessing those who want records of outstanding speakers. He recorded The First Nationwide Alcoholics Anonymous History Conference in Phoenix--where Dr. Bob's son, Ray G. (former archivist at Dr. Bob's Home), and Dick B. spoke and participated in a panel. Rusty's service goes under the name "Smile God Loves You Media."

Santos from California has had a lifetime of music. He is a noted Do Wap performer. He has sung with some top performers. He had his rocks and rills in the process of recovering. But he turned to the Lord for help and has devoted years now to  traveling with his wife in their mobile home and "sings for the King" to troops being deployed, inmates of prisons and jails, women's recovery fellowships, A.A. Conferences, churches, and Christian recovery and treat ment programs. He also tells of his service at Calvary Ranch and Dunklin Memorial Church. He calls his service "Santos Ministries."

Dick B. has had extensive contact with both these great servants of God; and you will enjoy their interviews right now on

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