Friday, March 22, 2013

Alcoholism Cured, reports USA Health Center article

Here is our applauding thank  you to USA Health Center for its article on the cure of alcoholism in early A.A.:

Thank you for publishing the foregoing article. The evidence is clear Bill W., Dr. Bob, A.A. Number Three, Clarence S. Dr. Silkworth, and others stated that there WAS a cure for alcoholism--the power of God. In fact, A.A. General Services sells a scrap book filled with news and magazine articles quoting the many early AAs who said they had been cured with God's help. Those who deny or report otherwise are really driving away from God the suffering newcomers who need Him most and need to hear that the pioneers turned to Him and were permanently healed. See Pioneer Stories http://mcaf.eegj7iw; Cured; and When early AAs were Cured and Why

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