Sunday, March 17, 2013

AA Big Book Personal Stories--A Renewed Interest

Dear Blanton: Good to hear from you again. And thanks very much for sending me the Nancy O. work on personal stories.


However, things have advanced far beyond that. We now know that almost all those First Edition stories were removed from the subsequent editions and became virtually unknown and lost in importance. Finally, A.A. restored the stories after 2005, but did so insolently by stating the writers were  uneducated and some other untrue statements about their comments. The facts are that these First Edition stories are the proof positive of what the early A.A. Christian Fellowship actually did. They flesh out the facts in the Co-Founders Pamphlet  and in DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers, p. 131.


The good news that  I  hope you will act upon and spread the word about is this:


1.         Dover Publications, Inc. decided to reprint the First Edition. And  they have done so. It  is trade paper, circus cover, and restores the  personal stories and Bill’s chapters to view. More important, they contacted Wilson House and asked who could write an Introduction that  would explain the situation. And they asked me to do so. Therefore, the new first edition is titled Alcoholics Anonymous: The Original 1939 Edition With a 23-Page Introduction by Dick B.  See Many in California and Florida have now stocked up with large numbers of these, getting them through us at a substantial discount and either giving them away free along with Pamphlet  P-53 or using them in t heir Christian Fellowships or AA meetings. since the stories have now attained Conference-approved status. And I hope you will contact my son Ken at  808 276 4945 and purchase at least one so that you are in sync with the troops and the facts.


2.         To bring Old School A.A. back to the fore as the First Century Christian Fellowship it was, and to show how the pioneer stories document that, along with DR. BOB and P-53, Ken and I have just published Pioneer Stories in Alcoholics Anonymous with short-hand  specific quotes and explanations that show how the pioneers told us the principles and practices they used from Akron on. This book can be seen at It is available as a print-on-demand and also in electronic format and is very inexpensive. I hope you will order at  least one of these; and you can do so on or by  contacting Ken and getting it at a discount.


3.         Finally, we are convinced that the barriers to the Bible, God, Jesus Christ , and such literature are now down. Groups can be and are now in process of using Conference-approved quotes and literature to show how The Solution on page 25 of the 4th  Edition more than justifies study of resources about God and the Bible. And we have just published another book, Stick with the Winners! which shows our fellowship, professional recovery folks, churches, and treatment programs how to use conference-approved literature to teach the application of old school A.A. in today ‘s 12 Step programs and freely study the materials that  Dr. Bob and the Akronites used so effectively before there were any Steps, Traditions, or Big Books. This new book is also very reasonably priced, available in print on demand or electronic format, and can be purchased on or obtained at a discount through my son Ken. Please take a look at it on


I appreciate your kindness in forwarding the spread sheet. In the Southeast, you have long been a pillar of support in the Christian Recovery—AA enthusiast groups. And I am hoping you will obtain these three books, use them, disseminate the facts, and  place them in the same way you have done before. Already, a physician in Alaska, an insurance executive in Arizona, an executive in Toronto, a business-man and a recovery pastor in San Jose are taking these steps and taking the important facts to the public, to those recovering and recovered, and to those helping others.


God Bless, Dick B.

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