Monday, March 18, 2013

Do You Think There is No Solution for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction!

Do You Think There is No Solution for Drunkenness and Drug Addiction?


Questions and Comments That May Help You and Yours


Dick B.

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Do you have a son, daughter, boyfriend, fiancé, uncle, sister, father who’s in jail or prison for drug-related offenses? Would it do you any good to hear “Once a drug addict or alcoholic, always a drug addict and alcoholic? We think not! See When Early AAs Were Cured and Why



Do you have a dear friend, relative, loved one, or fellow-worker who died or was badly injured by a drunk driver? Would it satisfy you to hear that you can do nothing about drunkenness because “Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic? We think not! See Cured! Proven Help for Alcoholics and Addicts.



Has your family had a long record of alcoholism and drug use? Would you prefer not to hear that you too are doomed? We think so! Would it help if you read there is no cure for alcoholism and you must rely on a tree, a light bulb, or a radiator as a helping higher power? Nope! See Stick with the Winners!



Are you a Christian in a deep pit because of drunkenness or addictive behavior? Would you like to be told you are hell-bound if you dare to go to a 12-Step meeting, an AA or NA meeting, and help another drunk, or seek God? We don’t think so! See The Conversion of Bill W.



Are you concerned with recovery from alcoholism or addiction, but have been told to stay away from A.A., N.A., and 12-Step programs because its cofounder was into spiritualism, was an ego-maniac, or committed adultery? If so, are you aware that most substance abusers need God’s help, deliverance, forgiveness, guidance and healing, but not judgment? See Pioneer Stories in Alcoholics Anonymous: God’s Role in Recovery Confirmed!


Have you been told that drunks and addicts should read and hear nothing but what their own organization has published and approved? If so, did you know that before A.A. was even thought of, alcoholics were using the Bible to learn what God could do for them that they could not do for themselves? See The Good Book and the Big Book: A.A.’s Roots in the Bible


Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead! Contact Dick B. at, or 808 874 4876. See Eph. 5:14

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