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Dick B. Radio Interview of the Rev. Dr. Michael Belman, Founder of Association of Alcoholl and Drug Counselors Institute

Dick B.’s Christian Recovery Radio Interview on March 6, 2013 of The Rev. Dr. Mike Belzman, Founder and CEO of the Association of Christian Alcohol and Drug Counselors Institute, Inc.





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We have a distinguished Christian Recovery Leader on our show today. We first met Mike at our May 2009 International Christian Recovery Conference at Mariners Church Community Center in Irvine, California. He is the Reverend Dr. Mike Belzman. Mike is the pastor of a church. He leads the Association of Christian Alcohol and Drug Counselors Institute. He founded the organization to enable Christians to take certification courses and get the necessary education to have themselves licensed as Christian Alcohol and Drug Counselors in full compliance with the laws of the State of California. Pastor Mike has honored Ken and me with several opportunities to speak at annual conferences of the ACADC Institute--our topic being the Christian roots of the recovery movement. And he enabled us to become curriculum advisors for his program. Mike has also published a fine book on Christian recovery counseling. Today, as time permits, he will tell us a bit about his background, family, education, becoming a Christian, and taking the long leap into the field of Christian recovery counseling. He will also tell us about some of the many who have taken his courses, gone on to become licensed counselors, and then often-established ministries as well as counselor training courses in their own areas. We regard Mike as a dear and close friend. And now, I'll ask Mike to do the talking. Take it away, Mike!




Michael Belzman, Ph.D., MDAAC, MRAS, is the Founder and CEO of the Association of Christian Alcohol and Drug Counselors Institute of Redlands, California. He is presently on leave from ACADC and lives with his wife in Banning, California. Mike is the author of Handbook for Christ-Centered Substance Abuse & Addiction Counselors (Xulon Press, 2010). He studied psychology extensively at University of Texas and Boston University. He comes from a background of teaching psychology at secular universities which, in his view, had a false belief in human solutions to the problems of the soul. An educator, counselor, and pastor, he is also a speaker at congressional hearings warning law makers against making laws that exclude Faith-Based counselors from participation in the professional arena or infringe upon their religious freedom. ACADC is the only Christ-centered counselor certification organization authorized by any state government.


ACADC Institute trains their students biblically so they can provide addiction counseling to Christians in need of biblical rather than secular options. Few thought it possible that a Christ-centered certification board could exist in today’s postmodern society yet ACAD C “was written by the hand of God into the California Code of Regulations opening a door that no man could close.”


Dr. Belzman surrendered his life to Christ in 1980. By nurturing a personal relationship with him through prayer and Bible study, he found that God’s life principles and promises changed his life in a way that psychology or prescribed drugs could not do. He saw first-hand how God’s power not only overcomes deep addiction, but can direct the decisions of kings.


His talk today was not about Christian counseling courses, nor about certification problems and controversies, however. Mike was almost single-minded in some thoughts about taking his Institute beginnings to the next level.


And here, summarized briefly, are some of thought he expressed about that. He states that some look upon the Bible as boring, but it is not just for learning and intellect. Holy Spirit gives the understanding of what God conveys to those who will listen and believe. Mike has been offered a post as Educational Director of an urban church in Fresno, California and has that opportunity in his prayers. But he views his task today as one to simplify. Praying for leading steps to the future. He believes God’s light shines on those who will pray that the Lord will lead to ways to minister.


He has had a long time understanding of what causes true healing. But in 1980, he found the golden key to be the Lord Jesus Christ. His emphasis today is on the sufficiency of Scripture. He believes it necessary that he die that Christ may live through him. That God is busy today separating the sheep from the sheep. In other words, there are many Christians who wind up being fixers and playing God instead of being a conduit of the Lord’s healing power. Long hours spent in humanistic training in counseling are taking people away from truth; and he is now working on a Bible study curriculum that will move people away from medical models and other insufficient healing approaches and lead them to trust God and believe that God does the healing.


We will let you hear the rest of Mike’s talk on the air.

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