Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rock Recovery Ministries in San Diego Shines in Christian Recovery Successes

I speak from personal knowledge of and experience with the Christian recovery work that Rock Church and Rock Recovery Ministries do. David P., leader in their recovery work, keeps  us posted on the many activities of the Rock with alcoholics, addicts, and those affected adversely by the deeds and suffering of the addicted.

I've often talked about applying the lessons of the early A.A. Christian Fellowship in Akron to the varied and diverse situations in present-day Alcoholics Anonymous. I've written extensively about the many who have observed the similarity between First Century Christianity and the principles, practices, and program of early A.A. Akron Number One Group. The daily fellowship with God, His Son, and other believers characterized both. And both harvested the rewards that come to those who diligently seek, believe in, trust, rely upon, obey, and are thankful for the many things done by the Creator for those who become His children through accepting Jesus Christ.

International Christian Recovery Coalition is growing. It is attracting participants who, at  no cost, make themselves known  to others in need the mighty and effective role played by God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible in early A.A. And can play today for those who diligently come to God in the manner prescribed in Hebrews 11:6 and Romans 10:9-10.

We don't play favorites. We do feature, interview, write about, speak before, and assist the many Christian Recovery leaders, workers, newcomers, and their supporters today.

Rock Church is the largest church in San Diego. We've seen thousands pouring into that church on Sunday. David P. tells me that  fully one-third of those present are in recovery through the church and its Christian program and advocacy of Alcoholics Anonymous. And here are some of the activities that go on there, led by Rock Recovery Ministries day after day after day;

1.  Church services every Sunday
2.  Bible studies by and for those in recovery
3.  Daily reading of the early A.A. favorite devotional "The Upper Room."
4.  Then in a group that exceeds 150 persons, members text each other with messages about the     Upper Room's presentations and their  understanding and experience applying the biblical ideas.
 5.  Participants undergo an orientation which ought to be a model for every A.A. group, recovery fellowship, and A.A. sponsor. Freshly out of the booze and drugs, the newcomers are each given a special orientation by David P. and others so that the newcomers learn and understand and apply what so many others in the recovery arena do not get. They are introduced to Conference-approved literature. They are apprised of A.A. history and the importance of the Bible. They are taught how to distinguish between the flawed "wisdom of the rooms" and biblical and Big Book essentials that are available for the reading.
6.  Participants are urged to and do attend A.A. meetings.
7. There is a bonfire meeting where participants hear experienced recovered leaders speak.
8. There are small, five-person residential homes where residents have morning devotions, read the Bible, text each other in the morning, fellowship together, pray together, attend meetings and church together, and maintain sobriety through intense Christian fellowship accompanied by daily attendance at recovery-oriented events.
9.  Rock Recovery Ministries now has several Christian residential treatment centers, and the number of beds has grown to 100.
10. There are excellent recovery videos which have been tailored to the Rock Recovery ideas.
11. Recovered ministry participants are available to support, teach, sponsor, and show by example how and why the early AAs were able to attain such a high percentage of success.

I have attended many of the Rock events. My URL is one of only four listed on Rock's website. Rock Ministries has been a benefactor of ours and of International Christian Recovery Coalition in providing lodging accomodations on some of our trips, talks and interviews in our program, and examples which have drawn others  to investigate and visit this first rate work in San Diego.

Dick B., Executive Director of International Christian Recovery Coalition, Historian, Bible student, CDAAC, active recovered AA member with over  26 years of sobriety, and author of 46 titles and over 1400 Articles on Alcoholics Anonymous History and on the Christian Recover Movement.;;;; 808 874 4876; PO Box 837, Kihei, HI 96753-0837

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