Thursday, June 14, 2012

We Like Lifelines Recovery Program at The Crossing, Costa Mesa CA

Why We Like Lifelines Recovery Program at The Crossing!
A Happening Christian Recovery Church That’s Alive and Moving

Dick B.

Lifelines and Randy are participants in International Christian Recovery Coalition; and we try hard to let all participants and the public know the progress that is being made by all Christian recovery leaders, workers, and programs around the world. I told Randy Moraitis I’d try to publish the following news to help him and our Coalition to serve and bless others. Here goes:

Randy Moraitis shared a link.

3 hours ago
Hi Dick--aloha to you and Ken! Here is a link to our weekly live-stream broadcast of Lifelines Recovery Program. Previous talks can also be viewed here:

Lifelines Recovery Program

Lifelines Recovery Program @ USTREAM: Lifelines is the recovery program at The Crossing and is all about helping people who struggle with any addiction or ...;;

Gloria Deo

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