Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Akron AA Founders Day--Dr. Bob's Home--Seiberling Gate Lodge

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Founders Day in Akron

Special Features by ChristianRecoveryRadio.com

Christian Recovery Radio.com has begun its new series of interviews of Christian Recovery leaders in the United States and elsewhere. Those interviewed will be in the dozens and dozens. A.A. Historian Dick B. will conduct the half hour interviews on www.ChristianRecoveryRadio.com scheduled for 10:00 AM Hawaii time and also archived for the listening pleasure, study, and group use by others.

There are four Akron A.A. features being presented during this year’s A.A. Founders Day Events for 2012 in June.

And the four features will honor and publicize the importance of: 1) Akron, Ohio as the birth place of A.A. 2) Dr. Bob’s Home on 855 Ardmore Avenue in Akron – the place where A.A. began in 1935. 3) The Gate Lodge on the Stan Hywet Estate where A.A. founding personality Henrietta Seiberling lived with her three children, John, Mary, and Dorothy. And 4) the restored historical place where Henrietta introduced Dr. Bob to Bill W. for their famed six hour talk that launched the pair on the path to A.A. founding in Akron.

ChristianRecoveryRadio.com, through A.A. Historian Dick B., has just interviewed and posted the interview of  Ray G. of Newton Falls, Ohio—former archivist and a member of the managing board for Dr. Bob’s Home. More on this shortly.

ChristianRecoveryRadio.com, through A.A. Historian Dick B., will be interviewing Ron Glosser of Akron who was a major factor in the design and restoration of the Seiberling Gate Lodge, its opening for public view, and its large collection of historical materials pertaining to Alcoholics Anonymous History. Ron Glosser has been highly honored by the family and friends of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale—noted friend of A.A.’s Bill Wilson, its co-founder Rev. Samuel M. Shoemaker, Jr., and Bill Wilson’s Christian physician, Dr. William D. Silkworth—who was called a founder of A.A. by Bill and who wrote the “Doctor’s Opinion” in A.A.’s Big Book. Dick will also be interviewing Edward Grinnan, is Editor-in-Chief and Vice President of Guideposts Publications—the famous magazine of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. More on this shortly.


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