Saturday, June 09, 2012

An AA Founders Day Call for Looking at the Akron "Bethlehem of A.A." rather that concocted heroic films

I was one of the people interviewed at length for this latest "Bill W." film, along with T. Willard Hunter and others I knew.

I am sure we thought the film was aiming at a full and accurate A.A. picture. But that was not to be.

Instead, the historical materials were completely cut; a great many tributes to Bill Wilson were overdone; and the commentators and narrators in the film were certainly not representative of rank and file A.A. active members.

The film therefore joins the long line of biographies and video presentations which are long on Bill Wilson, short on accuracy and facts, and propelled by those who are overwhelmed with their own point of view that A.A. is about not-god-ness and the meandering ethics of Bill--rather than helping the still suffering alcoholic and addicts who have reached the bottom of the pit and seen the potential release in A.A. itself.

In Akron, Ohio, right now, the thousands who have poured into the "Bethlehem of A.A."--the place where it all began--have an opportunity to grasp the importance of reliance on God and the Christian principles and practices of early A.A., and learning that A.A. is not the product of the man who engaged in spiritualism, LSD, adultery, and all the rest.

Instead, an Akron 2012 Founders Day trip can make more clear that A.A. was, can be, and has been spawned by the simple, dedicated lessons learned by the TWO founders--Bill and Bob and how they both got well by turning to God before there were any Big Books or Steps. In Akron, the two founders took their basic ideas from the Bible, and then turned at once to going out and helping others.

Dr. Bob helped over 5000, and Bill dubbed Bob the "Prince of all Twelfth-Steppers." Congratulations to Kevin and Dan for their years long efforts. But we still await those movies and biographies, and speakers who can avoid hero worship and focus on the heart of A.A.--which is still trusting God, cleaning house, and working with others. Dick B.

See Dick B., When Early AAs Were Cured and Why.

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