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James Moody, Manna House Ministries, Jamestown TN Interview

The Dick B. Christian Recovery Interview of Christian Recovery Leader James Moody of Manna House Ministries, Jamestown, TN

Dick B.

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James Moody was interviewed on Christian Recovery yesterday.

First of all, it is fair to say that almost every participant in International Christian Recovery Coalition fits the bill of “motivated and dynamic.” By that I mean that each has his or her own particular area of work or profession or outreach in the recovery arena. And we invite no cost listing and participation by all those who support of our mission of defining and disseminating information about the role played by God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible in the origins, history, founding, original Christian fellowship program of Akron A.A., and the successes achieved. Once discovered and told, the information shows the role that should be played today.

James Moody respects the lessons from old school A.A.—of the variety of daily Christian fellowship and patterned on the Acts of the Apostles. The early A.A. principles and practices have consistently enabled cures and spiritual wholeness in recovery and in the walks of life. Daily fellowship, daily prayer, daily study of the Word of God, daily seeking God’s guidance, daily breaking bread together, daily contact in the homes, daily witnessing, and daily conversions are the elements that can be found in successful Christian recovery from alcoholism and addiction. They were applied in the recovery arena long before A.A. was ever thought of. The evangelists, Young Men’s Christian Association lay workers, Salvation Army, Rescue Missions, and Young People’s Christian Endeavor Society—along with the Oxford Group’s “A First Century Christian Fellowship”—kept up to the steady drumbeat of daily love and service.

James Moody gave a compelling picture of these things in action in Manna House Ministries, which he heads in Jamestown, Tennessee. What’s more, James is a strong proponent of the Twelve Steps. And he is an equally strong proponent of stirring the community into actions and providing resources that will truly enable the alcoholic, the addict, and the loved ones to get well and be of service. Manna House has bloomed in just the three years we have known of it. You can see much of the evidence on its excellent website: There you will find a broad display of Christian recovery resources and of Christian recovery approaches, ministries, leadership, and solution. You will see a focus on Twelfth Step work as well.

James first became aware of our Christian recovery research, historical findings, and publications by clicking in to Google. He went to Jesus Christ and to A.A. And he saw “Dick B.” He also saw our historical documentation of the claimed 75% success rate in Akron and 93% success rate in Cleveland among seemingly hopeless, medically incurable, last gasp alcoholics. James thought of the Old Testament materials on “manna from God,” and the needs that were met every day. He formed a 501©(3) organization that focused on resources and support. In fact Manna House was the first organization to establish one of the International Christian Recovery Coalition Resource Centers. The aim was to point to resources and meet on the front lines of the problem. And to help the suffering to find jobs and housing.

As stated, there were two main areas of focus. The first was human resources. That meant using the telephone, fax, and willingness to bring Christian recovery resources to drunks that need them. “Greasing the wheel” is how James viewed it. The second focus was support. Manna House holds a meeting every night at 7:00 PM. It is for non-addicted and co-dependents as well. It offers counseling and Bible study. Its approach is Christ-centered, teaching about Jesus Christ, and working the Twelve Steps.

It reaches out with information about its resources to the judicial system, doctor’s offices, churches, and recovery programs. Manna House incorporated a “Daily Bread” Program. Four days a week there are classes—step studies, Bible study, a meal, and then open discussion. This is a 90 day program—hitched to the A.A. idea of “ninety meetings in ninety days.” From the Gospel of John, folks are told of Jesus’ statement that no man can come to the Father except by Jesus.

There are some details about James Moody himself. He was raised in a Christian home with lots of love. But in high school, there was drinking and drugs. He went through 3 treatment centers. But the last gripped him in an unusual way. When he arrived, he told the counselor he was not going to make it. He said he had come to rest. But he did say he believed in good and evil, God and faith, heaven and hell. The counselor told him to go upstairs and rest, but to read Chapter  4 of the Big Book. And he read it. He concluded that if he could believe as the alcoholics believed, he could believe at his own simple level. He said he knew God was there, but when he prayed he was not sure. But he thought of the verse “By grace are you saved.”

On his 26th day, he prayed. He talked to God and said, “My life is a mess. I need help.” On his knees, he said he was told he would go to hell without Jesus. All he had to do was “believe.” One day at a time. And he did.

His view was that A.A. was not for church. Many who come are just curious. But he saw that the program all pointed to the Bible, and he thought of John 15:3: “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without me you can do nothing.” He read the story of A.A. Number Three—Bill Dotson and saw that when Dotson believed, the Lord cured him, just as the Lord cured Bill Wilson.

Back to Manna House. James said it bridges the gap between addiction and recovery. It is an outreach resource meant for those suffering in the bondage of addict ion, with the vision of bringing the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ to those suffering from this bondage. It provides a safe house for those waiting to be placed or transitioning back into the community. And James wants to see regional networking in many areas of the United States.

James Moody is a vibrant participant in International Christian Recovery Coalition, one of its very effective speakers, and engaged in hands-on help for addicts and alcoholics and family members. He  has a definite focus on salvation, the return of Jesus Christ, church, baptism, and communion. His practical and successful experience can help all who call on him and Manna House for suggestions about Christian recovery victory.

Gloria Deo

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