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Michael Liimatta of Kansas City MO - Who Facilitated Christian Recovery Radio Establishment

Here is an exchange of correspondence - plus a picture of Michael Liimatta of Kansas City, Missouri and an early radio show - telling a little more about International Christian Recovery Coalition's important new A.A. History and the Christian Recovery Movement videos, radio, audios, interviews, recorded talks, YouTube, and other ways of telling you the role played by God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible in the origins, history, founding, original Christian Fellowship program of early Alcoholics Anonymous in Akron.

We include a picture of Michael in his early radio days because it was he who heard our cry for help, told us how to set up our radio show, and become the first person interviewed by me.

Thank you and Aloha, Michael:

Thanks for the nice comments.  I am so happy all it going well.  You mentioned my days as a radio show host.  That was 1981-1990.  Here's a photo from those days: **************************
(had a little more hair back then!)

On Sat, Jun 16, 2012 at 5:00 PM, Dick B. <> wrote: Gets a New Face

Just a few months ago, at a Christian Recovery Leaders Conference at The Crossing Church in Costa Mesa, California, Dick B. expressed a desire to have a  radio show where he could interview the many Christrian Recovery Leaders in the United States and other countries. People Dick has come to know personally by speaking at their conferences, working with them on their programs, writing on their forums, exchanging emails and phone calls, and holding meetings with them to exchange facts.

That Christian Recovery Radio idea did not jel right away.

Then, only a month ago, at a Christian Recovery Leaders Workshop and Conference at His Place Church in Westminster, California, Dick B. repeated his dreamed of idea. And Michael Liimatta, a well-known Christian recovery leader, former Education Director for the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions, Founder and Director of City Division College, Consultant and Web Developer/Programmer, InfoWeb Services, and now a   Principal with the Not-For-Profit Practice of OneAccord, offered the much desired solution. Michael had been a radio interviewer for many years. And Michael recognized the importance of such a Christian Recovery Radio show to enhance  the growing Christian Recovery Movement and the leadership provided through International Christian Recovery Coalition.

The show was set up almost immediately. Interviews of those in Kansas City, Newton Falls Ohio, Texas, New York, Connecticut, San Jose California and Miami Florida were interviewed in staccato form in the first two weeks. These are the interviews thus far. They can be heard right now on They are archived for future listening. And they begin the long-awaited series where AA Historian Dick B. interviews authors, historians, editors, AA speakers, philanthropists, recovery directors, archivists, clergy, garden variety alcoholics and addicts and codependents, treatment program directors, recovery pastors, counselors, chaplains, spiritual retreat leaders, interventionists, therapists, physicians, professors, youth ministers, and leaders in some of the major bridge groups like Alcoholics Victorious, Overcomers Outreach Inc, CityTeam International, Teen Challenge, Youth with a Mission, Celebrate Recovery, Alcoholics for Christ, Footprints, Came to Believe Retreats, churches, prison outreach, Salvation Army, Christian Endeavor, Christian Recovery Fellowships, and many many more

Here is a list of those who have spoken thus far:

Christian Recovery Radio with DickB

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Russell S., June 15, 2012

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Doug Nunes, June 14, 2012

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Edward Grinnan, June 13, 2012

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Carl “Tuchy” Palmieri, June 12, 2012

Dick B. interviews Ron Glosser & Edward Grinnan of Guideposts,  June 8, 2012

Dick B. Interviews Christian Recovery Leader Father Bill W., June 7, 2012

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Ray G., June 5, 2012

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Michael Liimatta, May 29, 2012

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Michael Liimatta, Chief Academic Officer
City Vision College, 712 E. 31st Street
Kansas City MO 64141-3188 USA
Phone: 816-960-2008 ext. 4

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