Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Ray G. Former Dr. Bob's Home Archvist Interviewed by Dick B. for AA Founders Day Events

"Dick B. Interviews Christian Recovery Leader Ray G." on the "Christian Recovery Radio with DickB" show  June 5, 2012

International Christian Recovery Coalition Radio Interviews Continue

Shortly our first two interviews of world-wide Christian Recovery Leaders will be posted on our website www.ChristianRecoveryRadio.com.

The first was of Rev. Michael Liimatta, long-time Christian recovery leader in Kansas City, Missouri, where he serves in several recovery capacities and is presently a Consultant for Non-Profit Organizations.

The second interview occurred today when Dick B. interviewed Ray G of Newton Falls, Ohio, partially in commemoration of the upcoming A.A. Founders Day events in Akron, Ohio this June. Ray has been continuously sober in Alcoholics Anonymous since 1966. He has been a tireless worker in the Alcoholics Anonymous Fellowship—gathering its historical treasures, displaying them at Conferences and meetings in many parts of the United States and Canada, and sponsoring countless alcoholics in their recovery efforts.

Ray has long been associated with A.A.’s birthplace at Dr. Bob’s Home, 855 Ardmore Avenue, in Akron. He became a member of the Managing Board of Directors in 1986. He has been a volunteer at almost every Founders Day event at Dr. Bob’s Home from that date to the present.
For many years, he served as the archivist at Dr. Bob’s Home. And today he is much in demand as a speaker and presenter of A.A. history and archival materials.
For now, the Ray G. interview can be viewed in one of two ways: 


In this interview, Christian recovery leader Ray tells how and when he got sober in Alcoholics Anonymous, how he became associated with Dr. Bob’s Home in Akron, his close acquaintance and speaking tours with Sue Smith Windows of Akron (daughter of Dr. Bob and Anne Smith), the establishment and expansion of Dr. Bob’s Home, the historical correspondence, pictures, and books on display there, and of his own healing of bladder cancer through the prayers of a fellow A.A.—also a Christian Minister in Florida.

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