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Specific Examples of Possible Old School Meetings in Action

“I want to start an A.A. History and Old School A.A. Bible Roots Group!”

Article Three: How Can I Conduct Such a Meeting

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The  Previous Article Two Explains the Resources the Group and Its Leader Should Study and Use

And we will write three or four short articles that give you some practical suggestions and some hints for avoiding controversy and blockades.

This Article Three Gives You Two Sample Examples of How You Can Lead the Meeting

There certainly can be no “one size fits all.” What you do in a meeting, what the topic should be, and how you should conduct a meeting depends on all these vital factors: (1) Asking God what He would like to see you do, and exactly how to do it. (2) Following His directions  (3) Making your own choice, depending upon the topic, the type of meeting, and what the Group has decided in its informed group conscience (4) Aiming at serving and glorifying God and His Son Jesus Christ and (5) Carrying a message to those who still suffer that God can and will help them if they want that help and have renounced drinking and drugging for good.

Example one: The meeting will study two articles about Dr. Bob, and they are the interview of Dr. Bob in 1939 and the Tidings article about the talks of both Bob and Bill on the same platform at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles in 1948.

(a)    Announce the topic.

(b)   Read all or the relevant parts of both articles.

(c)    In the first article, ask members: “What do you think is the central message that Dr. Bob gave his interviewer.” “Did Dr. Bob talk about prayer and what did he say about it.” What did Dr. Bob say about being ‘cured of drunkenness by prayer” What did Dr. Bob say about the difference between promising to go straight and sticking to it” What did Dr. Bob say about “hitting bottom.” What did Dr. Bob say about the visits of the pioneers to a newcomer in the hospital” “What did Dr. Bob say about ‘Christ’ on the two occasions he mentioned Jesus Christ.” “What did Dr. Bob say about using the Good Book—the Bible”

(d)   In the second article, ask members: What did Dr. Bob say in a few short words in his talk—about religious literature, about church attendance, about prayer, about the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, and about reading the Bible.

(e)    If time permits, invite members to make comments on both articles, in an orderly and

brief fashion

Example two: The meeting will be about how to approach a newcomer. Read the Guide pages.

            Ask questions about each suggested phase. Ask what the Big Book says on the topic.

            And so on.

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