Friday, May 11, 2012

A.A.'s and their Focus on Cofounder Dr. Bob in June

Dick B., of Maui, Hawaii, has probably published more books, articles, videos, audios, YouTube programs, website and forum posts than any other A.A. historian, publishing house, or A.A. office or group.

His major focus as a historian and writer has always been on the role that God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible played in the origins, history, founding, original A.A. Christian Fellowship, and its astonishing successes from its founding in 1935 and during the next four years of its development.

On this Founders Day in Akron, Ohio, for 2012, Dick urges a focus on "old school A.A.," on the Akron AA Christian Fellowship, and on Akron A.A. leaders Dr. Bob Smith, his wife Anne Smith, and Henrietta B. Seiberling.

Right now, for this historic Akron event in 2012, Dick B. is publishing a series of articles on A.A. of Akron, as it existed during the period of leadership their by its cofounder Dr. Robert H. Smith (commonly known as "Dr. Bob")

Here are some of the items that should make the 2012 events more understandable, meaningful, and treasured. Most of these items can be found in several Dick B. blogs, Facebook, Digg, In the Rooms, WordPress, and social forums. They include these subjects:

Remembering Dr. Bob. and the significance of early Akron A.A. this founders day.

The Church Life of Dr. Bob and his family in St. Johnsbury Vermont and Akron Ohio

Quotable Quotes containing Dr. Bob's prescriptions for Christian recovery and permanent cure

Published books that best tell the Dr. Bob and Akron A.A. Story

The 25 Videos for "Stick with the Winners" Meetings -- featuring the use of old school A.A. today on

And more!

Keep checking this Dick B. blog, as well as his other blogs on International Christian Recovery Coalition, Alcoholics Anonymous History, Alcoholics Anonymous History Blog, and Dick B.'s Personal A.A. History Blog.


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